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Data is the wealth of future governments: UAE AI minister

Data is the real wealth of future governments and its main tool to develop the next generation of government services, UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence Omar Sultan Al Olama said.

Speaking at the fifth meeting of the UAE Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Council, Al Olama noted that this endeavour can be accelerated through the establishment of an effective system to exchange data at the level of federal and local entities in the UAE, WAM reported.

“The Government of the UAE is committed to providing an innovative and comprehensive system of government work based on enhancing efficiency in the use of AI and data in various vital sectors,” he said.

He added that the UAE is also working on enhancing the integration of government entities, to benefit from successful practices and exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of modern technology to accelerate the implementation of government strategies and projects.

Al Olama highlighted the fact that the council will focus on studying the procedures and steps to implement the initiatives adopted during the UAE government’s annual meetings. These meetings were held in Abu Dhabi, last month, and supported the government’s efforts to employ data to build the future of government services.

The participants discussed the initiatives that were adopted during the UAE government’s annual meetings last month.

The council highlighted the importance of spreading awareness about AI and Blockchain technologies, in addition to preparing talents for the future.

The council members also reviewed the latest developments regarding the recommendations of the fourth meeting in the field of data dissemination and exchange and stressed the need for presenting a detailed report on the outputs and recommendations of the Data Committee and the Cybersecurity and Risk Management Committee.

The Cybersecurity and Risk Management Committee reviewed its work plan, which is based on three key frameworks: legislation and policies, competencies and capacities, and effective practices and applications.

The meeting also reviewed the Data Committee’s work plan to make data available to all stakeholders easily and accurately, as well as to develop a clear methodology for collecting open data.

The participants stressed the importance of a policy for the dissemination and exchange of data in the UAE Government, especially among the local and federal government entities, to ensure easy access to accurate, comprehensive and high-quality data.

The UAE Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Council is tasked with proposing policies to create an AI-friendly ecosystem and promote collaboration between the public and private sectors.

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