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UAE unveils new initiative to accelerate AI adoption

Sultan Al Olama, UAE AI Minister, AI Network
Sultan Al Olama, UAE AI Minister

Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has announced the launch of the UAE Artificial Intelligence Network.

The network is dedicated to gathering academics, researchers, experts and start-ups in the field of AI, further strengthening the country’s position globally as a preferred destination for AI development and adoption.

In a statement during the unveiling of the UAE AI Network, Al Olama noted that the rapid change of technology and its impact on key sectors calls for strategic collaborations and international partnerships to accelerate the adoption of AI across various sectors.

Al Olama highlighted that this new initiative contributes towards realising the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, which was introduced to embrace and accelerate the employment of AI and achieve tangible progress in all areas of business, life and government services.

“The UAE has made significant growth in its AI development and adoption roadmap globally, by connecting governments, private entities and international organisations to provide supportive platforms for this technology. The UAE AI Network is a concrete step towards achieving our leadership’s vision in positioning the UAE as a global leader in AI by 2031, as well as developing an integrated system that employs AI in vital areas in the UAE,” he added.

Through established partnerships and collaborations, the UAE Artificial Intelligence Network seeks to bring together governments, private entities, international organisations, start-ups, research centres, academic institutions, business incubators and accelerators under one roof to discuss and exchange expertise in the field of AI, and identify challenges and roadblocks that affect the adoption of AI, and how to solve them.

The UAE Artificial Intelligence Network offers its members the opportunity to participate in various local and international events, including the annual AI Conferences organised by the UAE National Programme for AI, as well as AI-focused seminars, conferences, workshops, meetings and sessions. Members also benefit by networking with AI experts, working closely with AI pioneers and decision makers, as well as the opportunity to contribute with recommendations to the UAE Council for Artificial Intelligence.

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