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Top 20 System Integrators 2013
The Region’s Leading Systems Integrators

Often the unsung heroes of the IT industry, SIs (systems integrators) are the invaluable link between IT vendors and clients with complex projects. Solutions today are rarely simple — they demand technologies from a range of vendors plus skills across a number of disciplines. Large vendors and their services divisions can scale and cope, but the invisible glue of the industry is the band of highly skilled, highly experienced and highly competent SIs.

These are the companies that can help clients scope a project, make recommendations of the right technologies, source the right elements, implement, test and then support — all mostly with major vendors claiming the wins and implementations as their achievements.

In truth, of course, it’s all about teamwork. However, SIs have the real advantage of being able to act as honest brokers, of having the ability to source products and solutions across a palette of suppliers and, critically, being in close touch with clients.

It may not be a widely praised role, but, without it, this region would not have seen the breadth and depth of major ICT implementations over the last 10 years, often leapfrogging in complexity and imagination those in more mature markets.

So we take this opportunity to focus on 20 of the region’s top SIs. We urge you to research them more fully and discover their full capabilities. We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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