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Top 20 System Integrators 2014
The Region’s Leading Systems Integrators

Why do you need a systems integrator for your IT projects? The answer is simple – the widereaching impact of IT on most business processes has made it difficult for enterprises to keep pace with technology advancements and retain skilled workers.

The purpose of systems integration is to automate and bring all processes, applications and underlying infrastructure under one integrated system. Systems integration involves multiplatforms, multi-technologies and multi-vendors. A good SI will help you improve productivity and optimise resources to lower cost of ownership.

When an organisation’s business needs change, its IT infrastructure needs to support it better by introducing new technologies. However, given the complexity, integrating the new and old technologies and maximising returns on investments is easier said than done.

Enterprises opting for technology upgrades turn to SIs for assistance as they need to make sure that the new application are able to seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure. Most of the SIs can go beyond just amalgamating the two different technologies and environments by managing your whole IT systems, with a bit of consultancy thrown in.

In this year’s SI guide, we have turned the spotlight on some of the leading SIs in the market that have the expertise and skills to bring together disparate systems, take full accountability and work well with third-party vendors. These companies are absolutely crucial when projects are mission-critical and where the business cannot afford delays or downtime.

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