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BeyondTrust supports enterprise amid coronavirus outbreak free secure remote access to enterprises

Matt Dircks, BeyondTrust coronavirus
Matt Dircks, BeyondTrust

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, organisations are closing offices and mandating remote work arrangements. The situation has placed immense pressure on IT organisations and support desks who need to quickly set up and support teams of remote workers around the globe. Organisations are also struggling to provide secure ways for now remote IT administrators, contractors, and vendors to access critical systems to maintain business continuity and operations.

To enable organisations address these challenges, BeyondTrust is offering its Secure Remote Access solutions free for 90 days to help organisations support expanded remote workforces due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Ensuring that security within IT enterprises are not compromised, BeyondTrust is offering free use of its Secure Remote Access solutions for 90 days:

  • Remote Support: Enables service desks to provide secure, reliable remote support to employees both on and off their network. Support technicians can see the end-user’s screen, chat, elevate privileges, and even access the end-user’s mobile device camera to help them set up hardware and troubleshoot peripherals. Techs can support Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and network devices with this single solution.
  • Privileged Remote Access: Gives external vendors and internal IT staff and administrators, who are working remotely, secure access to systems without requiring a VPN. This solution simplifies access by providing one secure and compliant tool that facilitates unattended access for all types of remote systems and endpoints.

During such challenging times, using the right remote access tools is pivotal to security as threat actors commonly target unsecured remote access methods to gain initial footholds into networks. BeyondTrust is providing free use of its solutions for 90 days to help organisations quickly scale to meet the demand while keeping their business secure.

“Every day, thousands of customers across the globe rely upon our Secure Remote Access solutions to support remote workforces and external vendors,” said Matt Dircks, CEO, BeyondTrust. “We understand the additional pressure that many organisations are now facing in response to temporary policies requiring hundreds or thousands of employees to telecommute. We’re committed to helping these organisations respond to this challenge without sacrificing their security posture.”

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