Frost & Sullivan recognises LinkShadow as ‘Innovation Leader’ in UEBA based on machine learning

Frost & Sullivan has named LinkShadow as a top industry innovator in the Frost Radar: User and Entity Behaviour Analytics Based on Machine Learning, 2020.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the company was recognised for its strong track record in cybersecurity analytics and steadily evolving growth pipeline. LinkShadow’s flagship solution is the only one available in the market that tracks the chain of incidents, aggregates them, shows their stages, and graphically represents the attack path on a global map.

It is becoming more crucial for organisations to have security tools that analyse the behaviour of users who are connected to their networks and entities or endpoints such as servers and applications to detect anomalies. As the number of under-the-radar attacks increases, it will become more challenging for security staff to investigate the attacks to effectively take action. Therefore, the need for user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) tools is greater than ever.

“LinkShadow is unique in providing behavioural analytics that leverage the capabilities of both supervised and unsupervised machine learning,” said Saurabh Verma, Director, ICT, Frost & Sullivan. “The company thrives, thanks to its flexibility to fulfil client requests that rivals cannot commit to, such as developing an agent deployment in addition to its agentless deployment.”

LinkShadow’s main differentiator among market competitors is its service bundle, which includes the UEBA, intelligence-driven threat hunting, insider threat detection, and comprehensive management (CXO) dashboard in a single solution. Moreover, unlike other service providers in the market, LinkShadow offers its solution on a perpetual model.

“We are proud to be recognised by Frost & Sullivan and stand out as an innovation pioneer in the cybersecurity analytics space,” said Kiarash Jafari, regional director, LinkShadow. “The key to staying ahead in the game is innovation, and achieving the highest score in the Innovation index highlights our commitment to making a difference in the industry.”

Frost Radar: User and Entity Behaviour Analytics Based on Machine Learning, 2020 provides results from an in-depth analysis built on a 360-degree research methodology where over 20 companies were evaluated.

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