Why team coordination is crucial during market turbulence

Saphyte Founder and CEO Ali Homadi, and Head of Support Jamie Bueno discuss why enhancing team coordination within organisations can translate to better customer experience, an important element to consider during market turbulence.

This year has been a challenging year for most businesses – especially MSMEs or micro, small, and medium enterprises. Even big brands such as Nike and Apple are facing potentially millions of losses in sales after experiencing an intense supply chain disruption, and after closing many of their stores due to the pandemic.

Millions of employees have lost their jobs due to retrenchment. Business operations have been halted due to difficulties in logistics. With employees being mandated to work from home (WFH), team coordination has become a greater issue in most company setups and business continuity is becoming increasingly difficult to attain.

Optimising online team coordination

In Dubai, a tech company named Loyica has developed a system that aims to address the challenges of the new normal workplace. The software is called Saphyte, a cloud-based CRM that serves as an ecosystem of team and workspace, marketing, sales, support, and solutions.

The company’s founder and CEO Ali Homadi discusses how Saphyte improves the overall efficiency of companies by augmenting traditional sales and marketing techniques using technology.

“Saphyte is a product of years of research in multiple industries, intending to maximise profits for the user. We studied several businesses and found out those critical elements such as team coordination, sales, marketing, and support, among others, can dictate whether a company will survive in the next 5 years or not,” said Homadi.

“It’s extremely important for teams to be on the same page, especially when coordinating online. The goal of Saphyte is to help companies save time by automating their sales and marketing tasks, and ensure smooth communication among teams using the software’s design and functionality,” he added.

Better customer experience

Enhancing team coordination can result in better customer experience, which helps you stay ahead of the competition. In the 2020 Digital Trends report published by Adobe, 36 percent of the companies who focused on enhancing customer experience reported having exceeded their top business goal by a significant margin.

Jamie Bueno, Head of Support at Saphyte, explains how the software helps teams visualise their progress when accomplishing tasks and completing projects, which in turn allows them to provide a personalised experience to their customers.

“Many customers now rely on businesses’ ability to accommodate their needs online, which can be challenging for a business if it remains reliant on traditional sales and marketing methods,” he said.

“Because teams can now easily track and monitor each customer’s journey using the software’s visual representations, they will be able to provide the necessary service required at each stage of the journey, enhancing the customer’s experience at the end of the day. In a turbulent market, it is important that customers understand the value that your business creates. This fosters loyalty and loyalty brings you sales,” Bueno added.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Saphyte are designed to allow businesses to provide a unique, one-on-one service with their customers despite their numbers, gathering all needed information to address each customer’s varying needs and preferences.

These systems do it by systematically organising data gathered throughout the interaction with the customer and visually presenting that data in such a fashion on which the sales and marketing teams can easily digest.

Modern, responsive features

With Saphyte, ongoing sales and deals, for example, will be easier to track and monitor within the system. Users, roles, and departments can be assigned to every team member, allowing for organised and proper communication and management of tasks.

Multiple emails can be sent to target recipients, which can be sorted and filtered according to which stage of the pipeline they are in. Reports can be instantly created by the system in just a few clicks. And workflows can be set up to automatically start when a trigger is activated.

To provide a fully customised experience to their users, Saphyte also allows third-party integrations such as identity verification, live chat apps, and payment service providers (PSPs).

“We understand that each business can have a unique workflow to follow, that’s why we make sure that we understand what our users need and recommend to them how to best use our software,” Bueno said.

This one-on-one support is provided by the company for free. To make it easy for MSMEs to navigate the turbulent market, Saphyte currently waives all the set-up fees, implementation fees, and customer support fees for its users.

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