Mimecast to bring better audit readiness to finance firms

Mimecast Supervision
Shane Harris, Mimecast

Mimecast has announced the availability of Mimecast Supervision, helping financial services organisations address supervisory compliance requirements, such as SEC, FINRA, FCA and other regulatory constraints.

As part of the Mimecast Cloud Archive, Mimecast Supervision includes intelligent selection, allowing organizations to focus on specific messages that warrant review and avoid false positives. An optimized workflow makes the review process quick and easy.

Regulated financial services firms are required to establish supervisory policies and they may also face periodic regulatory audits. At the same time, firms are spending far too much time and money maintaining compliance. Mimecast Supervision now offers a new level of efficiency to the compliance review process for financial services organisations.

“The governance, risk, and compliance market continues to be driven by a demand to mitigate the risks facing organizations as cheaply and efficiently as possible by leveraging technology,” said Ryan O’Leary, senior research analyst for legal, risk and compliance at IDC. “As a result, archiving vendors are well positioned to enter the compliance market and compete by providing financial services organisations with compliance tools that can embed directly into their existing solutions.  Compliance technology buyers, generally, prefer deploying tools that work within existing systems and automate workflows to achieve efficiency gains, cost savings, and risk mitigation without the integration challenges of traditional add on solutions.”

“Most regulated financial services firms are required to establish supervisory policies,” said Shane Harris, senior director of product management at Mimecast. “Mimecast is committed to providing best-in-class compliance solutions. With Mimecast Supervision, we are helping our customers meet and exceed their supervision goals across FINRA, SEC, FCA and more with visibility and control over organisational data.”

Mimecast Cloud Archive and Supervision is now listed on the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory, joining a small list of approved solutions recognised by a key financial services regulatory agency. Additionally, Supervision can be coupled with Mimecast Compliance Protect, which helps firms meet SEC retention requirements. Compliance Protect’s suitability for use as part of an SEC 17a-4 compliant programme has been certified by the third-party firm, Compliance Solutions Strategies, which recently  validated Compliance Protect through a Regulatory Retention Compliance Assessment.

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