Fujitsu expands PRIMERGY Dynamic Cube portfolio

The new additions, including a quad-socket blade, all combine the efficient hardware, service offerings and solutions of Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures with the latest Intel Xeon processor technology.

What’s new:

• New four-socket PRIMERGY BX960 S1, further extending the suitability of the blade system for resource-hungry processing and applications

• Second-generation PRIMERGY BX920 S2 for disk-intensive operations

• PRIMERGY BX924 S2 as the perfect virtualisation platform

Driving the computing performance and speed of connectivity of Fujitsu’s new quad-socket server blade is an innovative ‘glueless’ design, where a single system board is manufactured with all the necessary components for all four CPUs, therefore providing the shortest route between processors, memory modules and I/O hubs. More often, vendors simply ‘glue together’ two dual-socket server blades, which can lead to I/O bottlenecks, says the company.

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