Power of 4 Forum keynote: DX is about creating the right mindset and culture

At’s inaugural Power of 4 Fourth Industrial Revolution Forum, Alia Al Hammadi, ICT director, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), discussed the firm’s journey towards digitalisation and embracing Industry 4.0 technologies in her keynote address.

Alia Al Hammadi, ENEC, digital transformation
Alia Al Hammadi, ENEC

Armed with 15 years of experience, Al Hammadi, says that the future is all about “thinking of different ways to meet new market opportunities.”

She says, “According to World Economic Forum, 4IR has progressed since the 21st century. It involves new capabilities for people and machines. At ENEC, we examined how we can leverage these technological advancements.”

ENEC deep dived to discover the business drivers and identified the existing and future problems that it was trying to solve. The company created four key pillars that was crucial to its digitalisation process – internal customer experience, internal processes, employee engagement and collaboration for optimisation with subsidiaries.

“Once we agreed our internal needs, we went on to see what 4th Industrial Revolution and digital transformation mean to us. It came down to three key words – speed, precision and agility.”

Al Hammadi emphasises that it was all about digitalising the firm’s strategies, business capabilities and processes.

“Digital transformation is about creating the right mindset and the right culture. Artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning are not solutions but they are the tools with which we can attain this change,” she adds

She also shares that some of the challenges that ENEC faced during its digital transformation journey included handling the time to market, identifying the right strategic partners and achieving the learning curve.

For any organisation who is looking to embark on its own digital transformation path and embrace industry 4.0 technologies, Al Hammadi says critical success factors should include, “failing and recovering fast, ensuring ‘change’ is inculcated into the organisation’s DNA, developing right set of people and creating the right mindset while also taking the time to identify strategic partnerships.”

Concluding with a quote by Charles Darwin, Al Hammadi says, “It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent that survives but ones that are most adaptable to change.”






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