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StorIT: Transforming IT distribution

Anita Joseph caught up with Manju Mathew, Director Strategic Alliances at StorIT, to find out how the company is rewriting the rules of IT distribution.

In the dynamic landscape of Enterprise IT, staying ahead of the digital curve is paramount for businesses seeking to maintain their competitiveness and safeguard their data assets. Value-Added Distributors (VADs) play an indispensable role in this journey by serving as the crucial bridge between manufacturers and end-users. In an era marked by rapid technological evolution and a constant influx of new products and solutions, VADs emerge as invaluable intermediaries, offering more than mere products. They provide the expertise, support, and customisation essential for businesses aiming to maintain a competitive edge.

However, with data fueling today’s businesses, VADs face the challenge of stepping up and sifting this data to drive positive business outcomes. Businesses now require more than just off-the-shelf solutions; they need tailored strategies that align with their unique data needs and objectives. Distributors are being called upon to offer specialised services, including consultancy, data strategy development, and ongoing support, to help organisations harness the full potential of their data. Furthermore, with data residing in diverse environments such as on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures, distributors must navigate these complex ecosystems to provide seamless data management solutions.

One of the critical challenges in contemporary data management is the need for real-time insights. In a world where data is generated at lightning speed, businesses must move beyond batch processing and embrace real-time analytics to make informed decisions promptly. Distributors play a vital role in connecting organisations with the latest technologies that enable real-time data processing, ensuring that businesses can stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

Reshaping the digital landscape

Enter StorIT with its unrivaled data management capabilities and an extensive partner ecosystem that focuses on collaboration and strategy to generate insights and drive business outcomes. StorIT is committed to the growth and empowerment of its partners, equipping them to add value to their offerings and resonate better with their customers. The comprehensive suite of solutions that the company offers, backed by the solid support of their vendors, ensures that partners have a smooth and seamless journey into the digital realm. This effective partnership, ably supported by value-added services, guarantees that StorIT remains the VAD of choice for its ever-growing customer base.

In fact, StorIT has carved a niche for itself by placing resellers at the heart of its operations, while simultaneously maintaining a sharp focus on nurturing a portfolio of niche vendors such as Dell Technologies, Commvault, Quantum, AutomationEdge, opengear and NetBrain, to name a few, that provide unique, market-defining products and services.

StorIT’s commitment to resellers goes beyond conventional notions of distribution. Here, resellers are not mere intermediaries; they are strategic partners, indispensable players in the technology ecosystem. StorIT understands that resellers bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology solutions and end-users’ evolving needs. Consequently, the company has woven its approach around empowering resellers to excel in their pivotal role.

The philosophy at StorIT revolves around the idea that resellers are not just channels for products; they are valuable advisors and enablers of technology adoption. The company equips resellers with an array of resources, including not only top-tier products but also knowledge, tools, and unwavering support. StorIT stands as a trusted ally, providing resellers with a consultative edge that extends far beyond traditional distribution services.

In a bustling marketplace dominated by industry giants and ubiquitous solutions, StorIT scours the tech landscape for hidden gems – innovative vendors offering distinctive products and services that address critical market gaps, often overlooked by mainstream players.

The process of selecting these niche vendors is rigorous and meticulous, driven by a shared commitment to customer-centricity, quality, and long-term vision. These vendors offer solutions that dovetail seamlessly with one another, creating a comprehensive array of technologies, ranging from cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to robust security and data management solutions.

This curated selection empowers resellers to offer their customers a tailored suite of options designed to meet their specific needs. It enables resellers to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace by providing unique, high-value solutions that tackle precise pain points.

In essence, StorIT acts as the bridge that connects resellers with these niche vendors, thereby fostering a symbiotic relationship that serves the best interests of both parties. StorIT is not just a distributor; it is an orchestrator of innovation, a catalyst for success, and a curator of enduring partnerships. In a reseller channel where resellers and niche vendors unite to deliver technology solutions that matter, StorIT stands as a beacon of specialization and commitment.

“Collaboration remains the cornerstone of our ethos,” says Manju Mathew, Director Strategic Alliances at StorIT. “We actively engage with our channel partners and resellers, creating a network of innovation and excellence. Together, we work tirelessly to identify and address the unique needs and challenges faced by our clients. Our consultative approach involves understanding not only the technology they use but also why and how it fits into their broader objectives.”

In this dynamic tech landscape, staying ahead requires a collective effort, and StorIT prides itself on being the catalyst for these synergistic partnerships and collaborations. “Together, we ensure that our partners and customers are not just in sync with today’s technological trends, but are also well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow,” she adds.

The Consultative Approach

StorIT prides itself on a unique consultative approach that considers each customer carefully and understands their individual requirements. This goes well beyond surface-level comprehension, delving deep into an organisation’s core, business objectives, and long-term aspirations. StorIT doesn’t merely seek to understand the technology an organisation employs; it strives to fathom the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind its use, seamlessly integrating it into the very fabric of the organisation’s operations.

This consultative philosophy operates on the principle that one-size-fits-all solutions are inadequate in today’s multifaceted technological landscape. StorIT’s approach seeks to uncover not only what technology is in place but also why it is there and how it aligns with the broader strategic vision. This in-depth understanding allows StorIT to provide solutions that are not just technologically sound but also intrinsically tied to the organisation’s overarching goals. In essence, StorIT’s consultative approach transforms technology from a tool into an enabler, ensuring that every technological facet is a contributing force in the organisation’s journey towards success.

No surprise, then, that StorIT has earned the distinction of being the foremost distributor in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and North America regions to introduce IT Infrastructure Managed Services, High-Performance Computing Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Big Data, and DevOps to the Reseller Channel.

This journey was no overnight feat for StorIT. It was achieved through a focused approach, profound industry knowledge, and advanced technical skill sets. Today, the company offers a full spectrum of IoT, digital transformation, data availability, information management, high-performance computing, cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions to SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises. Its consulting team delivers additional value-added services, including business needs assessment, architecture, and proof of design, to optimise solutions for customer requirements.

GITEX 2023

StorIT Distribution is gearing up to make a significant impact at GITEX Global 2023, cementing its reputation as a leader in Enterprise Data Management, Data Storage, Data Protection, and Hyperautomation solutions. With GITEX being the largest technology exhibition in the region, StorIT recognises it as the perfect platform to unveil its latest innovations, engage with potential partners, and demonstrate its commitment to pushing the boundaries of enterprise solutions.

At the mega event, StorIT will feature a powerhouse of vendors such Dell Technologies, Quantum, NetBrain, Cornelis Network, and Digi. Each of these companies will unveil their cutting-edge technologies, providing attendees with a glimpse into the future of enterprise solutions.

Visitors to StorIT Distribution’s stand F2 in Hall 2 can expect a holistic experience as they explore the exhibits. They will witness the seamless convergence of Enterprise Data Management, Data Storage, Data Protection, and Hyperautomation, showcasing the integration of these critical components in modern business operations.

Beyond the exhibits, StorIT Distribution is set to captivate the audience with daily presentations throughout the event’s five-day duration. These presentations will offer deep insights into the latest industry trends, technological marvels, and the future roadmap of enterprise solutions, ensuring that visitors leave with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Core Competencies

StorIt’s core competencies lie at the heart of its mission to deliver exceptional value in the world of technology distribution. As a Value-Added Distributor, the company goes well beyond the conventional role of distribution. StorIt’s commitment is to enhance the value of the solutions it delivers, thereby setting a higher standard in the industry. This approach means that StorIt’s partners can anticipate more than just top-tier products; they can expect unparalleled support and added value in every interaction.

Behind the scenes, StorIt boasts a team of dedicated professionals with over 2 decades of experience, who are the driving force behind its success. This team includes Solution Architects, Implementation Engineers, and Support Services experts who are deeply committed to ensuring that clients receive tailored, effective solutions that precisely align with their specific requirements. This commitment to excellence extends throughout every phase of the client journey, from initial consultation to implementation and ongoing support.

Manju affirms, “Our core competencies encompass advanced technology skills, profound industry expertise, a robust reseller network, and extensive market experience. In addition to introducing cutting-edge technology to the region, we offer advanced Pre-sales Consultancy, Project Assessment, Solution Planning & Design, Technical Implementation & Deployment, and Technical Support & Maintenance Services as pivotal value additions to our clients.”

StorIt’s operational reach extends across the MENA region, a testament to its commitment to effectively serving a wide geographical area. This presence underscores the company’s dedication to providing timely support and delivering solutions that meet the unique needs of its resellers, regardless of their location.

One of StorIt’s standout strengths is its comprehensive portfolio of vendor solutions. Covering a wide spectrum of technology domains, from Infrastructure and Backup to Hyperautomation, Data Management, Reporting, Analytics, and Security, the diversity of this portfolio is a testament to StorIt’s versatility and adaptability. This diversity ensures that the company can offer a wide range of options, thus empowering clients to address their varied and ever-evolving needs. StorIt’s portfolio is not just a collection of products; it is a curated selection designed to empower organisations with the right tools and technologies to navigate the complexities of the modern technological landscape.

StorIt’s journey in the technology space reflects a remarkable commitment to breaking free from the confines of traditional distribution. The company has recognised that the digital conundrum businesses find themselves in today, demands a departure from the status quo. Instead of merely supplying hardware and software, StorIt has ventured into uncharted territory by offering specialised services that encompass consultancy, data strategy development, and ongoing support. This transformation positions StorIt as a strategic partner, not just a distributor, in helping businesses navigate the complexities of data management and analysis. In a world driven by technology, StorIT guides enterprises to harness the power of innovation, seize new opportunities, and navigate the digital future with unwavering confidence. StorIT isn’t merely distributing technology; it’s distributing possibilities, enabling businesses to embrace digital transformation and embark on a journey of enduring success. With StorIT by their side, the future is undoubtedly brighter and more technologically advanced than ever before.

As a beacon of positive change and a customer-first mindset, StorIt exemplifies what it means to be a true partner in today’s dynamic technology ecosystem. Its journey is a testament to the power of embracing change and leading with a forward-thinking mindset, and its impact on businesses is nothing short of transformational. StorIt’s legacy is one of empowerment, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the digital age.

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