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Axis Communications: Reshaping Security

Anita Joseph caught up with Martin Gren, Co-Founder of Axis Communications, to discover more about the cutting-edge technology and solutions offered by the company and their innovations for a smarter, safer world.

What did you showcase at the recently concluded Intersec?

Axis is proud to have announced three new cutting-edge products which were on display at our stand, including AXIS Q1961-XTE, the world’s first thermometric explosion-protection camera specifically designed and certified by Axis for Zone and Division 2 hazardous areas; AXIS D2210-VE, a high-frequency radar that can accurately detect, classify and track humans and vehicles; as well as AXIS XC1311, the first network horn speaker from Axis certified for Zone and Division 1 hazardous areas.

Beyond this, we showcased the latest advancements in security technology under the theme ‘Innovating for a smarter safer world.’ Our booth featured interactive elements where visitors could engage with solutions through touchscreen displays and augmented reality. Visitors also had the opportunity to dive into the future of urban living as well as participate in our TCO game, an interactive experience that reveals the extensive value and efficiency of Axis solutions.

Tell us about your World First that you displayed

AXIS Q1961-XTE Thermometric Camera represents a groundbreaking innovation as the world’s first explosion-protected thermal camera specifically designed and certified for use in Zone and Division 2 hazardous areas, areas containing potentially combustible substances. These hazardous areas, notably larger than Zone and Division 1 areas, constitute the majority of hazardous area sites.

With the capacity to remotely monitor temperatures ranging from -40°C to 350°C (-40°F to 660°F), this economically efficient camera excels in monitoring temperature-related events. It sends notifications to operators based on temperature readings and fluctuations, thereby significantly mitigating the risk of production downtime and facilitating predictive maintenance planning.

Anticipated for release through Axis distribution channels in March 2024, AXIS Q1961-XTE stands as a pivotal tool in enhancing operational safety and efficiency in hazardous environments.

 How is the security industry set to make an impact for enterprises this year?

The security industry is expected to make a significant impact on enterprises in 2024 by leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) used for analytics. These technologies will enable more proactive and intelligent security measures, allowing enterprises to better anticipate and prevent threats. But it will also enable enterprises to be more operationally efficient, and to make smarter decisions – offering value beyond security.

Additionally, the integration of cybersecurity and physical security will become increasingly important in creating a comprehensive security framework for enterprises. This convergence will help organizations effectively manage and mitigate security risks across their digital and physical assets.

What is Axis role in leading the UAE to becoming a global capital for surveillance industry?

The development and growth of the surveillance industry in any country involves a combination of factors such as government initiatives, technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, and the efforts of various companies within the industry. Axis’ role in growing the UAE’s surveillance sector is through providing advanced surveillance technology, collaborating with local authorities, and participating in projects related to security and surveillance infrastructure.

What are your plans for Axis in 2024?

Here in the Gulf region we are seeing very good growth and are expanding our operations in many of our locations. As an example, we are extending the Riyadh office with plans for building a new Experience Center where we can showcase our products and solutions. Locally in Dubai we will also continue to update our local customer experience center and ensure that our clients are exposed to industry trends, latest innovations and best-in-class products.

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