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5 requirements of the unstoppable enterprise

Gaurav Mohan, VP, SAARC & Middle East, NETSCOUT highlights that to become an unstoppable enterprise, organizations must consider five essential requirements: network visibility, root-cause analysis, business analytics, actionable data, and scalable network and security.

A secure, high-performance digital ecosystem is no longer just an option for organizations to operate flawlessly, especially when the world is dependent on them. Whether it is keeping the money supply flowing, securing elections, connecting broadband connections across regions, or operating dozens of intensive care units, world-class performance, security, and availability at an enterprise scale are crucial.

As digital ecosystems become more dispersed and complex, point solutions designed for specific network use cases or isolated security problems are no longer sufficient to comprehensively manage cyber risk, mission-critical applications, and unified communications.

To become an unstoppable enterprise, organizations must consider five essential requirements: network visibility, root-cause analysis, business analytics, actionable data, and scalable network and security.

Network visibility

Enterprises require broad and deep network visibility, spanning legacy and hybrid cloud infrastructures, apps, and all end-users, down to the packet. Network visibility is essential as network packets contain the absolute truth about a potential security breach or network problem and are the nexus of performance and security. With comprehensive network visibility, organizations can detect security threats and performance issues in real-time. They can also gain insights into user behavior, which can help optimize network performance and reduce costs.

Root-cause analysis

Bad actors need to connect to an organization’s network to gain access to the information they want, and the network remains the only place an attacker can’t hide. Therefore, organizations must be able to conduct real-time, root-cause visibility and automated analysis across any network, cloud, data center, or application at any time. With root-cause analysis, organizations can identify the underlying causes of network and security issues, resolve them quickly, and prevent them from reoccurring.

Business Analytics

When critical infrastructure or millions of users rely on an enterprise, they need to have the answers at their fingertips to be ready to act. Hence, enterprises should have the power to produce business analytics using real-time data that is well-structured and highly contextual. Business analytics provides insights into how network performance and security impact business operations. With this information, organizations can optimize network performance, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Actionable Data

Enterprises must be able to make the deepest and broadest data actionable at a massive enterprise scale. Unstoppable enterprises must proactively identify areas of complexity and fragility to protect service quality and digital user experience adequately. Actionable data enables organizations to make informed decisions about network performance and security. With this information, organizations can take proactive measures to prevent security threats and performance issues from occurring.

Scalable Network and Security

The only thing more predictable than death and taxes is data growth. Any network visibility or security solution must follow and be capable of meeting those rates, or it risks becoming obsolete. Therefore, enterprises must ensure network and security capabilities that scale and grow as their organization moves to 25-, 50-, 100-gigabit networking and beyond. Scalable network and security solutions can help organizations adapt to changing network requirements, reduce costs, and improve network performance and security.

Today’s large enterprises can’t choose between performance and security to become an unstoppable enterprise. An organization must be equally secure and innovative, cautious and opportunistic, and as impenetrable as it is open to new ideas. With a visibility platform that’s more rigorous, uncompromising, and powerful, an enterprise can address network performance and cybersecurity issues before they become problems that stand in the way of these objectives. As CEOs, boards, employees, partners, and customers continue to raise their expectations, an organization’s digital ecosystem must rise to the occasion as an unstoppable enterprise.

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