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Cell Information executive highlights the need for ‘connected communities’

CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Adawi Abu Joudeh, Managing Director at Cell Information, to find out more about their relationship with Cisco, the increase in market demand for better digital infrastructure and our need for better connectivity solutions.

What are some of the key milestones including trainings & certifications that Cell Information has achieved as a Cisco Partner over the years?

Cell Information Technology has established a long term and strategic partnership with Cisco ever since it was established back in 2007. Since our establishment, we have been active in developing the skills sets of our team to ensure that our customers obtain maximum benefits and good experience from the technologies they invest in.

Cell Information Technology has focused on building strong specialisations in the various technology architectures that Cisco as a global leading technology company provides including Advanced Data Centre, Advanced Collaboration, Advanced Enterprise Network, and Advanced Security Architecture specialisations.

There has been a skyrocketing increase in the requirement for digital commerce and online meetings, specifically during the Covid crises. This has in turn made digital infrastructure more important than ever before. Can you highlight how Cisco solutions have helped you in addressing your customer’s requirements?

We have seen that our customers have realised the importance of smart technologies and connected communities in the current COVID crises.  Cisco’s enterprise solutions provided customers with the needed connectivity to keep businesses and government functioning.

Cisco solutions not only helped the world in the crises but also helped in planning for a healthy recovery providing equal opportunities of various capabilities.

Through the adoption of Cisco technologies and by utilising the skills of our workforce, we were able to help our customers maintain their operations through Integrated collaboration technologies and smart network solutions based on Digital Network Architecture (DNA).

This has shown the importance of Business Resilience to our customers and highlighted the need to obtain modernised networks, security and collaboration technologies to be able to have the needed agility to respond to fast-changing conditions. By adopting these solutions, our customers were able to operate with their workforce working effectively, remotely and safely.

In the recent months, there have been unprecedented changes to the way we lead our lives and our reliance on ICT connectivity has grown even faster than before. Can you share some insights on how Cisco Enterprise Networking solutions can help customers looking for reliable as well as scalable solutions?

We believe that the way organisations used to run their business will be different in the post-COVID era. Continuous and highly scalable connectivity is not a choice but rather a critical business necessity. The new model of conducting business and serving communities will require a network platform that provides integrated and smart features that enable and support the needed digital transformation phase. This will be essential for customers to be able to transform their business and stay competitive.

To give you an example, Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) which is an open software-driven architecture that accelerates and simplifies your enterprise network operations allows companies of various sizes to obtain smart IOT solutions, location analytics, proximity reporting for social distancing and integration with eco-systems partners and technologies.

By offering several features, Cisco DNA makes it easier for companies to adopt to new business models.

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