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Illumio lights the way for cyber resilience

Veronica Martin spoke to Ashraf Daqqa, Regional Director, META at Illumio during GITEX Global about the new products and solutions they are demonstrating and launching, key technologies and trends driving innovation and what value GITEX brings to Illumio.

Can you tell our readers what new products and solutions you’re demonstrating and launching here this week at GITEX Global?

Being a company specializing in Zero Trust Segmentation, our goal is to prevent the spread of breaches and ransomware across diverse environments, especially within the cloud. We are thrilled to participate in GITEX and look forward to further explaining and promoting the concept of Zero Trust Segmentation. It serves as the cornerstone and a critical element in attaining cyber resilience.

From your company’s perspective, what are the key technologies and trends that you’re seeing that will drive your innovation and product roadmap for the next 12 months?

We notice this trend in the market where cloud adoption, data centre integration, and migration are on the rise. For us, it’s crucial to play a role in micro-segmentation. As cybercrimes become increasingly sophisticated, our aim is to establish ourselves as leaders in containing breaches, a capability that sets us apart from other technologies. In the context of cloud migration, we aspire to be a fundamental component in the journey toward effective containment.

A global trend we’re witnessing is the utilization of AI in orchestrating ransomware attacks. Our recommendation to organizations is to reinforce their security measures by focusing on the basics, with zero trust being a key element. Adhering to zero trust principles and other established cybersecurity frameworks encompasses various actions, notably the segmentation and isolation of diverse environments. This approach ensures that in the event of an attack, operations can continue, which is essential for achieving cyber resilience. Cybersecurity primarily revolves around the resilience to sustain business operations, even in the face of threats. The integration of AI is also becoming prevalent in this domain.

How important is an event like GITEX Global for your company – and what value does it bring for your organization?

We have been present at GITEX for the past four years, while Illumio has had a presence in the Middle East for two decades, so we understand the need to establish proximity to our customers and potential clients, demonstrating our dedication to the region. Cyber resilience has emerged as a fundamental aspect in the country, requiring us to engage closely with prospects to provide more support on this matter.


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