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Ruckus delivers the number ‘One’ platform

CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Moe Raslan, Regional Sales Director MENA at CommScope Ruckus, to find out how their Ruckus One Platform is helping enterprises deploy ‘future-proof’ networks in the ever-evolving and complex digital economy.

1. RUCKUS One™ is an AI-driven network and business intelligence platform designed to help enterprises deploy ‘future-proof’ networks in a simple, safe and cost efficient way. However, can you expand on the technical capabilities of the RUCKUS One platform, and how has it resonated with end users?

At RUCKUS Networks, we always looked at solutions that help deploy, manage and operate the next generation of purpose-driven networks. With RUCKUS One, I believe we have achieved just that. RUCKUS One is a cloud-native platform that delivers network assurance, service delivery and business intelligence in a unified dashboard to simplify converged network management across multi-access public and private networks.

This means that it delivers results through a unified dashboard to allow for an overall simplified experience. The combination of state-of-the-art AI and multiple patented machine learning (ML) algorithms, RUCKUS One has the ability to react at high speeds to address incidents and prevent them from compounding and becoming problems that impact services. Ultimately, it improves the end-user experience by allowing for easy troubleshooting of problems by lean IT teams.

Today, many businesses are investing lots of money and time to manage their network infrastructure through several management interfaces and the management of several appliances. As RUCKUS One is a one-stop solution providing quality converged network management solutions for converged and switching needs, it has resonated well with customers and end-users.

RUCKUS One greatly reduces the time to solve problems on the network as it is able to detect and identify issues as they happen and also keep records of this. It reduces the need for technical staff to trouble shoot the issues as the AI has already identified them and given suggestions as to how to fix the issues. Gone are the days of technicians having to spend hours on site troubleshooting an issue that might have happened in the past.

RUCKUS One does not maintain any personal information regarding the end user in the cloud.  Only networking information is maintained in the cloud, minimising issues with privacy and security.

2. We know that many enterprises have struggled with the demands of cloud transformation. Can you explain to our readers why RUCKUS is such a strong advocate for cloud-managed networking? What are the key benefits of this approach?

Cloud-based and AI-driven RUCKUS One is made for today’s enterprises and is future-ready to deal with tomorrow’s intelligent network needs. In this digital age, networks are becoming more dynamic and, as a result, more unpredictable. This creates blind spots, which make it harder to provide consumers with consistency. However, RUCKUS One simplifies the complex nature of modern networks. It is easy to use and expand, with flexible configuration to allow for an entirely customizable, yet secure multi-access network experience.

In RUCKUS One, a single software platform can incorporate multi access, smart services, network assurances, policy and security and device management and control. Key benefits include –

  • Deploy future proof networks in simple, reliable and secure ways
  • Provide a top-level view of the network and visibility into status of all APs and switches in the network
  • Customise and optimise network resources on a granular level

3. In terms of the cloud networking offered by RUCKUS, do your solutions provide ‘complete flexibility’ for end users to move their management architecture across public and private cloud? We have seen many businesses locked into one deployment architecture, so how do you avoid that from happening?

RUCKUS One acts as a “one-stop shop” for everything – delivering network assurance, service delivery and business intelligence. Many enterprises are looking to provide the right kind of connectivity for their consumers, trying to decide between Wi-Fi or 4G/5G, or even both. RUCKUS One is exactly what they’re looking for. We are passionate about providing a flexible solution for any case scenario for enterprises of all sizes – from the smallest of businesses to the largest of them, with multiple branch offices.

As mentioned before, one of the benefits of switching to RUCKUS One is its ability to customize and optimize network resources. Once a customer has added all wired and wireless networks on the unified platform, they can change network settings depending on the demand, such as the network upload and download rates, the LAN port settings of the APs or access control policies. And since RUCKUS One helps manage networks and their devices on multiple locations, businesses are not locked into any one deployment architecture.

With the platform the network engineers can customize the switch settings or ports as per needs and have complete control over device access within their network.

4. Do the solutions provided by RUCKUS continue to manage the customer’s network should their subscription lapse or a customer decides to discontinue their subscription for any reason?

We give a grace period, for renewal of the cloud subscription. If the end user does not want to carry on with cloud our access points can be migrated to different controllers. We do not stop the access points from working.

5. In terms of growth, have you been happy with your performance thus far in 2023, and what is your strategy for further growth across the Middle East region in 2024?

Since the pandemic, several Middle Eastern sectors have bounced back, from a general industry connectivity viewpoint. As the region’s digital economy continues to take shape, the investment in information and communications technology is expected to continue to grow.

Digital is now a permanent and dynamic fixture in today’s enterprises. Digital acceleration proved effective for several organizations in the region, and those that didn’t adopt the digital-first strategy have already begun investing in this direction.

CommScope is positioned in a way to offer industry-leading innovation to support enterprises’ growth. Last year, in 2022, CommScope invested approximately 600 million USD in R&D and new product introductions, with continued aggressive investment in RUCKUS® and ONECELL™ in-building wireless solutions to drive future growth. However, growth is a never-ending and ongoing process. Our strategy is to expand and help more enterprises on their digital journey.

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