Navigating the cybersecurity threat landscape

Dr. Joye Purser, CISSP, Ph.D, Field CISO at Veritas Technologies discusses the current cybersecurity threat landscape, how Veritas is helping organizations to combat cyber threats and the role emerging technologies play in helping businesses to address cybersecurity and data compliance challenges.

ESET Managing Director advocates for Gen AI adoption, but stresses that it needs to be regulated 

Husni Hammoud, Managing Director at ESET Middle East, tells CNME Editor Mark Forker how the company never stands still in its pursuit of excellence after 35 years at the top, and says Gen AI holds the key to the future, but has called for better regulation to safeguard the threats that exist in relation to privacy.

COO of StarLink is announcing new partnerships and the continued growth of their portfolio

Ahmed Diab, COO of StarLink, discusses how AI has become vital to cybersecurity to facilitate enablement for customers. He also mentions how the cybersecurity industry requires an increased focus on integrated solutions. Finally, he emphasized how GITEX is the ideal time to also get feedback from both vendors and customers in order to continue to learn more and continue to deliver.

Riverbed VP highlights their seamless digital experience and holistic approach to cyber security

Mena Migally, Regional Vice President EMEA at Riverbed explains how they unify, visualize and analyse the collection of important telemetry data. He also emphasizes how they are also tailoring to the needs of the younger generation of IT professionals which is eager to quickly get the latest most comprehensive solutions.

Managing Director Orange Business, describes their strategic value propositions

Anas Naim, Managing Director Orange Business, gives us an overview of their activities especially around smart cities, data analytics and artificial intelligence. He mentions how big data is a core function of smart cities and that AI will lead us to the next generation of smart cities; he explains how this directly links to their strategic value proposition.


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