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Saudi Arabia’s Sipchem promotes education and technical innovation

Sipchem has launched its innovation club ‘Sipchem Tech’ in Saudi Arabia with the aim to build the capabilities of the youth in various fields, including artificial intelligence (AI), programming, 3D printing and robotics.

Located in Dhahran Technology Valley, the new facility which is situated at the Sipchem Technology and Innovation Center ‘Manar’ has been inaugurated by Prince Saud Bin Nayef, Governor of the Eastern Province.

Sipchem Tech combines education and technical innovation, according to the company.

More than 500 students, aged 8 to 12, are taking advantage of Sipchem Innovation Club, 120 of whom are undergoing intensive one-month programmes to build their potential in areas related to artificial intelligence, programming, 3D printing, robotics and how to build initial designs to be a nucleus for future projects.

The club includes holding digital workshops geared to gifted and talented school students so as to bring out their ideas and creations, as well as motivating creators, innovators and designers to produce, develop and test their ideas and innovations.

According to officials, the Sipchem Innovation Club supports supporting entrepreneurship in cooperation with BrightUp Platform for Education, a promising model for Saudi youth projects, and our ambition as a company to be an active part of creating opportunities and finding solutions to future challenges through engaging future generations.

Sipchem Innovation Club’s activities will continue until 15th August, during which students will work on building models of viable projects.

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