Bayer spotlights how startups are redefining UAE’s healthcare sector

Bayer, a life sciences company, shed light on digitally transforming the experience of health at a recent event in Dubai.

Digitrans 2019 – The Digital Transformation Forum highlighted emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D technology, Internet of Things and brought together regional leaders from across all industries to discuss best practices and strategies that can fuel the region’s drive to create an innovation-led economy.

Providing world-class healthcare is one of the key six pillars of the UAE National Agenda, which is in line with Vision 2021 that aims at enabling the country to achieve a world-class healthcare system. To achieve this goal, the UAE government is encouraging public-private partnerships to ensure all public and private hospitals offer patient-focused and quality healthcare.

Taking this objective forward, Eugene Borukhovich, Global Head Digital Health at Bayer, hosted a session titled “Pharma Digital Transformation: Changing the Experience of Health”.

Borukhovich touched upon key trends impacting the healthcare industry, the importance of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in enhancing healthcare solutions and start-up-driven healthcare transformation through Bayer’s G4A global group.

Within healthcare, start-ups continue to redefine and rebuild the overall patient experience. Their agile nature has given rise to digital solutions and services that allow customers to gain optimum control of their healthcare, meeting the growing demands of digital customers.

As a flourishing market, the UAE has also introduced several initiatives to strengthen its start-up ecosystem, irrespective of the industry it caters to.

Through G4A, Bayer continues to empower start-ups to change the experience of health. Established in more than 35 countries, the G4A collaborates with start-ups and healthcare technology companies to co-create growth opportunities within the healthcare industry and develop innovative patient-focused solutions.

In addition, through this program, Bayer also offers mentorship, healthcare funding and access to exclusive industry networks.

“Digital transformation has brought sweeping changes within the healthcare industry. It has changed the way we work, do business and meet customer expectations,” said Borukhovich. “Keeping this in mind, Digitrans 2019 served as an ideal platform to lay emphasis on the importance of leveraging emerging technologies and the potential demonstrated by start-ups accelerate the cycle of innovation within the healthcare industry, while keeping pace with the evolving digital age.”

With the UAE channelling their efforts towards reshaping the healthcare industry on a whole, with its G4A program aims to help the country make a quantum leap to be at the forefront of this transformation.

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