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HPE introduces AI-driven hyperconverged infrastructure

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced advancements to HPE SimpliVity, the company’s flagship hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform, ushering in a new generation of HCI powered with artificial intelligence to simplify virtual machine (VM) management and free IT staff to focus on innovation. Building upon its software-defined architecture, HPE SimpliVity is enhancing its customer experience with HPE InfoSight, one-click cluster upgrades, and the integration of HPE StoreOnce.

Today’s enterprises are under relentless pressure to streamline operations and accelerate innovation, but in order to achieve this agility, they require an intelligent underlying architecture for virtualised environments that automatically speeds time to market and eliminates complexity. While HCI inherently accelerates service delivery and resource efficiency, traditional HCI offerings still require IT to react to unexpected disruptions and application delays, and make tradeoffs as enterprises scale their environments. HPE SimpliVity goes beyond software-defined, ushering in AI-driven infrastructure, infusing artificial intelligence to transform IT operations by predicting and preventing issues.

“The future of HCI is AI-driven, and HPE has the most advanced intelligence” said McLeod Glass, VP & General Manager, SimpliVity and Composable Software, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “HCI makes life easy for enterprises, but unresolved complexities still occur. HPE has rethought HCI with HPE InfoSight at the heart. This global intelligence is truly a game changer for customers as they shift from first-generation HCI to intelligent HCI with HPE.”

“The extra efficiency that HPE InfoSight brings to HPE SimpliVity is awesome,” states Warwick Brown, Infrastructure Architecture & Security Lead, Carlisle Homes, “InfoSight predicts and reports on metrics that my team cares about – where capacity is being used in clusters, hosts, even at the VM level, and when we might run out of space. That saves us lots of time.”

HPE SimpliVity was founded to create an unparalleled experience for VM administrators through automation and efficiency. Over the past several years, HPE SimpliVity has helped thousands of customers worldwide simplify and optimise their infrastructure and eliminate waste. With today’s announcements, HPE SimpliVity is enabling a new experience for its customers.

The advancements to the AI-driven hyperconverged infrastructure include the first release of HPE InfoSight, enabling customers to gain predictive resource planning that takes the guesswork out of managing capacity; one-click cluster upgrades, to uniquely enable a seamless full-stack software upgrade that simplifies and removes risk; and integration with HPE StoreOnce, enabling enhanced protection and data mobility across HPE storage.

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