Injazat’s agile factory is positioned to accelerate the digital journey

Isam Bin Omran, Director of Products at Injazat – a Mubadala company has articulated how the year end launch of its new agile factory will help customers accelerate their journey towards digital transformation.

The charismatic executive is playing a key role as Injazat continues to solidify its position as the go-to player for enterprises seeking to undergo a digital transformation journey in a digital era where new and more sophisticated technologies continue to emerge.

His primary roles and responsibilities in his capacity as Director of Products is to ensure that all Injazat’s products and services across all their lines of business are fit for both the market and customers. Injazat has a diversified portfolio which includes hybrid cloud, enterprise applications, cyber-defense and emerging technology.

Omran explains this in more detail, “Underneath the CTO organisation we do two things really. Firstly, we develop and enahce our products and Services, and secondly we create the end to end solutions. So you’ve basically got the design, development and solutioning of the products.”

The Director of Products acknowledged that many of its customers are embracing new disruptive technologies and Injazat stands ready to help them navigate their way through the many challenges they will face.

He added, “The key thing for us is all our clients to some degree are going through some form of transformation and the way we’ve designed our portfolio is to support them through their entire digital transformation journey. We have invested heavily into emerging technologies. We’re seeing a lot of demand from clients to Ai-enable their capabilities through natural language and to get better insights from their data.”

Omran also touched upon the impact that Injazat’s agile factory will have and outlined how it is set to empower customers to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. He also provided an example of how the factory can enable them to deliver solutions in a much quicker and more efficient way.

He said, “Our agile factory, is really the process in which we get solutions delivered very quickly to our customers.  We’ve already had great success delivering services to clients very quickly.  It took us just 16 weeks to launch a UAE client product with a the minimal viable product that was launched within 12 weeks – and then we just customised it. This is a new agile way of working and that’s what the emerging tech field is all about.”

He concluded by highlighting the investment Injazat has made in emerging technologies.

Omran said, “We’ve put emerging technology very close to enterprise applications because you still have the core data and the enterprise applications and what emerging tech does is really enrich that core business capability using AI, IoT and Blockchain capabilities. It’s an exciting area and I think from a market perspective that’s where customers expect gains to accelerate their journeys, the agile factory will help them do that and enrich or transform their services.”


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