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Mastercard, Dubai telco to usher in a new era of secure payments experiences

Mastercard has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), to examine how the company’s pioneering NuDetect solution.

The new solution aims to enanle safer, more seamless payment experiences for smartphone users across the Middle East and Africa.

Gaurang Shah, Senior Vice President, Digital Payments & Labs, Middle East and Africa, Mastercard, said, “In today’s connected world, studies indicate that developing a smoother user experience is a top priority for more than 90 percent of merchants when evaluating their approach to transactional security. Against this backdrop, it is crucial to ensure that frictionless consumer journeys are balanced with robust authentication.”

NuDetect uses machine learning to analyze “passive biometrics” like how a person types, holds their phone, moves their mouse or where they use their phone, to anticipate and prevent fraudulent card-not-present transactions, which includes ecommerce payments.

The process to verify the user and occurs without introducing any friction or interruption in the transaction.

“Our NuDetect solution addresses these concerns by deploying innovative data analysis to deliver seamless and safe digital interactions. We are pleased to partner with du to introduce this cutting-edge product, which will bring increased confidence to every transaction,” Shah added.

Anthony Shiner, Chief Digital Lifestyle and Innovation Officer, du, “Our commitment to offering customers fast and convenient interactions plays an important role in our ongoing success. Our partnership with Mastercard will enable us to further streamline the payment journey for consumers across a variety of touchpoints, while maintaining the highest levels of transactional security. We are excited to explore the tremendous potential of NuDetect, and look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.”

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