Ahsan Ali, Senior Vice President, Marketing, TechAccess

Ahsan Ali, Senior Vice President, Marketing, TechAccess

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TechAccess and its partners are in a position to leverage on the synergy of Oracle’s hardware and software portfolio. The distributor has invested in proof of concept demonstration equipment with Sun stack servers and resident Oracle software to help partners make inroads into new accounts. TechAccess is encouraging its partners to sell Oracles’ hardware and software portfolio as one infrastructure solution. Symantec and NetApp fit in well with this base infrastructure layer.

Typically TechAccess resellers are one-tier below large scale system integrators. The distributor plays an active role on behalf of its vendors in market and partner development and has well defined lines of operation between itself and its partner vendors. It provides presales, professional services, installation and credit support for its partners. Profit margins for reseller partners selling TechAccess’ infrastructure portfolio are higher in comparison to commodity IT products.

The distributor launched its partner loyalty programme from July 2011. This is entirely funded by TechAccess itself. The rationale for the programme is to build loyalty across TechAccess’ reseller partner community and therefore does not involve any vendor. Any TechAccess reseller partner, who has closed more than $20,000 shipped sales in fiscal ending 30 June 2011, is eligible for this annual loyalty programme. The other condition is that the partner must show a minimum of 10% shipped sales growth over the previous year.

The annual loyalty programme will run across TechAccess’ three geographies, namely Gulf, Saudi Arabia and the combined North Africa-Levant geography. Partners in these three regions can apply with their shipped sales during fiscal 2011-12 closing on 30 June, 2012, and will be applicable whenever full payment has been received. The top two resellers in each geography and each TechAccess partner category, are eligible for a business or leisure reward. The business awards range from full expenses paid for Oracle Open World or VM World or an IDC event. The leisure packages cover travel on a cruise, holiday destination or safari amongst others.

Category: IT enterprise sector

Specialisation: Hardware infrastructure, software, services, logistics

Vendors: Oracle, NetApp, HDS, Symantec

Value addition: Technical and marketing support, technical enablement, specialisation, training, proof of concept, configuration setting, demand generation capability, vertically focused marketing, support services and financing

Primary markets: Government, education, banking, healthcare, energy

Sales offices: UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia

Support offices: UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia

Engineers: 20+

Employees: 100+

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