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Survival isn’t good enough, which IT enables business to thrive?

There was record growth in the small and mid-sized business sector in the UK in 2019, but now a global pandemic and crashing local and global economies have rolled over this sector to slow growth and make even survival a challenge. What will it take to recover and grow in this new normal? What can we learn from the businesses that are still thriving, such as e-commerce?   

Make it personal: Give your Digital Customer Experience a human touch

While brands are constantly looking for ways to stand out in a digitally charged world, they must recognise that a digital customer experience isn’t the only thing that consumers want; Today, more than ever, there’s great value in a seamless, human approach that has a personal touch. The big question remains, how can you give your customers a genuinely digital experience with a human touch?

What AI and Machine Learning Can Do

AI/Machine learning is uniquely suited for this because it involves taking massive amounts of data and then using computers with algorithms.


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