Cybersecurity challenges in the UAE: is your business safe?

Lev Matveev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SearchInform outlines a significant lack of preparedness against cyber threats and data breaches exposes UAE businesses to rising risks, prompting the need for managed security services.

According to SearchInform statistics, about 50% of companies still do not have an information security department, and more than 1/3 of CEOs admitted to a severe shortage of information security staff.

Is this a problem? Yes, and a huge one. 86% of UAE companies experienced at least one successful attack last year, and more than 72% of companies experienced data loss due to insider attacks. All corporate data is digitized now. It is harder to protect and often more expensive than tangible assets, so it attracts cyber-criminals.

In addition, data protection laws are becoming stricter. Companies are obliged by law to protect information. Moreover, some laws directly refer to the solutions that must be installed. These are primarily DLP-class systems. For example, DLP systems are mentioned among the measures to prevent data breaches in the UAE Information Security Regulation issued by the United Arab Emirates Telecommunications and Digital Regulatory Authority.

Implementing state-of-the-art data security solutions costs a fortune, since you need to:

– Purchase expensive hardware

– Pay for software licenses and technical support

– Hire data security and risk management specialists.

These problems are especially acute in SMEs with 50+ employees. For example, it is unlikely to hire a qualified security expert in small companies. However, such companies face incidents too: fraud, leaks and other unauthorized actions of employees that can lead to information security problems.

The atmosphere in such small companies is not family-like any more. I know it from my own business.

Services can help with this, but the problem is that there hasn’t been such a service to help with internal threats yet. We, as one of the leading vendors developing security solutions, decided to launch a managed security service in the MENA market. There is no other service on the market that is provided by the vendor itself!

SearchInform managed security service allows you to solve the following tasks:

– Data leakage protection

– Protection against fraud and side schemes

– Data classification

– Audit of access rights

– Employee activity monitoring, and much more.

Hand over all the work

Within the service, we offer technical audit, installation and configuration of the systems, provide an analytical expert. The analyst manages protective solutions, searches for violations and incidents, which pose security threat and provides customers with detailed and illustrative reports. Thus, the client gets the full picture of what is actually happening within the corporate infrastructure. In case of emergency, the analyst contacts the client and notifies about the risk to prevent incident, mitigates consequences of a negative case, conducts an investigation.

The outsourced experts do not need extra time to proceed to work, since they know how to work with the security systems through and through. They are experienced professionals, who have plenty of hands-on experience in working with clients from various business spheres. They are impartial and objective, they will not go on vacations and sick leaves. This helps to save time, money and resources of our clients.

Risk-free protection

Our clients do not risk anything. We have been successfully developing the service since 2019 in several countries and building the strong reputation as the MSSP that the client can trust.

We have been working as a vendor in the UAE for years. Our solutions already protect banks, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. To provide the best-of-breed service, we have anchored our presence in the UAE, opened an office in Dubai, and expanded our staff. Now we are working very closely with our customers.

We provide a one-month free trial so that the client could understand whether the service suits the company’s needs. During this month, the client can see our work process approach. Moreover, the client will already get the full picture of their corporate security state and efficiency. According to our statistics, 100% of companies, even at the trial stage, detect incidents: data leaks, corporate fraud, misconfigured access rights.

Our practice shows that the service is suitable not only for the companies without an information security department, but also for those which endeavor to reduce the workload on their information security department. Managed security service helps delegate routine tasks, gain investigative support, freeing up resources for response tasks. It can also support the in-house security staff during remote work or periods of staff and infrastructure expansion — all while cutting costs.

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