Joe Baguley, vice president and chief technology officer, VMware

Virtualisation: the bigger picture

As an annual maturity assessment, the Gartner Hype Cycle continues to provide an accurate indication of those technologies and IT trends that are continuing to change the landscape around us, particularly those that have created large-scale technological shifts that impact a diverse set of users.

Looking ahead

Condo Protego CEO Andrew Calthorpe puts the spotlight on some of the key trends likely to make a mark in 2014.

SophosLabs’ trends to watch in 2014

Major technology developments over the last year—and a series of revelations about the National Security Agency that shook the international security community—made 2013 an interesting year. In highlighting the past year’s security events, we’ve considered some emerging trends we are likely to see in the coming year.

The ‘Uncertainty Index’

The potential business impact of cyber attacks and data loss, along with high-profile data breaches experienced by organisations like LexisNexis andEvernote, seems to have done little to convince small and mid-size businesses that they should be making cyber security a priority.

Oracle’s Q2: What to expect

Oracle is gearing up to report its second-quarter earnings Wednesday and given the restrained expectations CFO Sandra Katz earlier set for key areas such as software revenue, Oracle’s results are sure to come under even more scrutiny than the tech bellwether already gets.

Cyber-crime will not stop for Christmas

Threats lurk within networks, endpoints or devices, often hidden in poorly configured settings or permissions, ineffective data governance, access management and usage policies. These unseen threats come from all perimeters of the organisation and major trends such as BYOD, big data, cloud, and mobile apps have increased the challenge faced by IT leaders.

R&M: Middle East Telcos Require Foresight and Meticulous Planning to Protect FTTH Network Investments

High demand for superfast broadband and internet services by households across the region necessitates large scale rollout of FTTH networks. Field cabling or Outside Plant (OSP) cabling is now the biggest challenge in these deployments and the long term success of telecom operators will be decided by how they plan and deploy these networks today.


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