Three reasons to opt for a converged customer and workforce experience

Natalie Keightley, Avaya International
Natalie Keightley, Avaya International

How do you give your customers a personalised, positive experience with every interaction, while also optimising operational performance for the best business results? It’s something that even the most technologically advanced organisations struggle with. But working with Verint, a global leader in Workforce Engagement capabilities, we’ve come up with a way to make it easier.

With that, here are three reasons to opt for a converged customer and workforce experience:

1. It will drive a customer-centric culture in your organisation

According to Avaya’s most recent research, SuperServe: Five Strategies for Superior Customer Service, 81% of UAE consumers say they’ll buy more from organisations that make it easier to do business. But making it easier to do business requires integration between your customer-facing teams and back-office teams, which is where a unified customer and workforce experience solution comes in. Implementing one will pave the way for an enhanced customer experience as well as a performance improvement culture in the organisation.

Some of the benefits of implementing such a solution include:

  • High-quality customer self-service: Allow your customers to choose fast and efficient self-service on the channels they prefer.
  • Customer-centric employees: Focus your agents where customers need them the most, removing distractions and keeping your teams focused on the customer.
  • Advanced analytics: Uncover actionable insights from text- and speech-based customer interactions such as email, voice, web chat, social media, and surveys.
  • Deep reporting: Collect, analyse and act on customer feedback across all channels, including web, phone, email, SMS and mobile, while providing cross-channel analysis.

2. You’ll increase your CX Agents’ job satisfaction, improving business performance

There’s a clear link between agent job satisfaction and performance. According to our SuperServe research, 84% of UAE employees believe that a technology-assisted workplace can help them be more productive, and 51% say the technology they have at home is better than at work.

A unified solution helps your front-liners not only on the technology front, but will also enable them to set and reach clear goals, keeping them motivated and engaged. Your organisation will benefit from:

  • Performance dashboards: Giving agents a consolidated view of relevant performance information will allow them to exceed expectations and reach greater outcomes, faster.
  • Access to expertise: A unified solution will augment the expertise of the agent to improve first contact resolution through the application of AI, knowledge management and real-time analytics.
  • Opportunities to upskill: With advanced analytics, you’ll be able to provide the required coaching and eLearning in a targeted and timely way to empower and motivate agents.

Happier agents result in happier customers, and happier customers, in turn, equal good business!

3. You’ll streamline your operations

Finally, a converged customer and workforce solution brings simplicity to your processes, lowers TCO, and ultimately delivers a faster and higher ROI. This singular experience also allows you to measure performance excellence for continuous improvement. Here’s how:

  • You’ll Integrate user interfaces and databases to reduce learning curves and training costs.
  • You’ll simplify system administration, installation, maintenance and upgrades.
  • You’ll streamline workflows and procedures.
  • You’ll improve regulatory and industry compliance.

Delivering a personalised, positive customer experience at optimum service levels requires an open, unified solution that brings together previously disparate and disconnected systems, business processes, and communications channels. Companies that can effectively shift their focus to address the new realities of customer experience will win the game and be a leader in their market.



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