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Kuwait residents can now buy sun-flame grilled Whoppers

The warmest day of the year in Kuwait just hit 50°Celsius (122°F), and fast-food brand Burger King wasted no time in making the best of every ray.

With its very own solar powered gadget, Burger King took advantage of Kuwait’s infamous scorching heat through their very own solar powered gadget.

Taking flame-grilling to new Burger King in Kuwait served its 100 percent Sun flame-grilled Whopper sandwiches bearing the same quality and appreciation of the iconic Whopper sandwich to numerous surprised guests at one of its flagship stores.

The king of flame-grilling stepped in to save the day in one of the hottest countries in the world. With the temperature reaching 50°Celsius (122°F), this year, the Burger King brand in Kuwait transformed the current sentiment into a sunny side up experience by beating the heat with fun and positive comebacks, proving that Kuwait summers don’t have to be boring.

Watch how the new Sun Flame-Grilled WHOPPER sandwich are made:

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