Citrix survey reveals awareness gap in mobile working opportunities

Citrix Systems, a provider of virtual computing solutions that help companies deliver IT as an on-demand service, today released survey results highlighting that 35% of the region’s IT professionals have already adopted the ‘bring your own computer’ (BYOC) trend, but suggest a lack of awareness threatens to hamper companies in realising the full benefits on offer.

The survey of 100 executives attending GITEX Technology Week in Dubai revealed that whilst people expressed a preference for using fewer devices in their daily life, with 81% of people having up to just four devices in total, 64% retain separate devices for work and personal environments at present. Furthermore, the survey showed that just 31% currently appreciate the benefits of adopting a converged technology solution, suggesting many remain unaware of the benefits that the BYOC strategy can bring to both themselves and their organisations, Citrix said.

“A ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ strategy can deliver impact across the organisation –  from simplifying infrastructure for the IT director to reducing costs and increasing flexibility of business operations, and providing a more personalised working environment for employees,” said Peder Ulander, VP of product marketing for the Cloud Platforms Group at Citrix. “Whilst one-third of executives that we surveyed at GITEX are already blurring the lines between office and home technology, the majority do not appear to appreciate the full extent of benefits on offer. We are working with universities, corporate and government organisations throughout the region on BYOC strategies and identify education amongst IT professionals is key to meeting growing user demands for mobility and flexibility.”


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