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CNS Middle East partners with Mendix to Provide the Enterprises in the Middle East with a Seamless Digital Transformation Journey

Dubai, May 30, 2022: CNS Middle East regularly re-invents itself to stay ahead of the world’s developing technologies. The innovation and technology experts of the region constantly look for ways to replace ineffective outdated technology with automated digital solutions for to create a seamless digital transformation journey with improved data protection, placement, updating and retrieval of their client’s greatest asset – their business information.

To this end, CNS has added another key set of digital assets to their comprehensive portfolio of digital transformation portfolio through a coveted partnership with Mendix, a leader in the application delivery Platform-as-a-Service market. The partnership highlights the growing interest from customers for low code technologies that can provide the end user with a unified customer experience.

Mendix enables organisations with the ability to respond to new opportunities and adapt to new business requirements quickly. The platform utilises visual modelling to build business applications without code and a social collaboration application to facilitate end user involvement and agile project management. The resulting applications are easily modified, extended, and integrated to satisfy ever-changing business requirements.

CNS Middle East, established in 1987, has been a digital innovation partner for the world’s largest technology brands and leading enterprises delivering mission-critical technology to ensure customer delight. Adopting the Mendix platform will enable CNS Middle East to boost their reach with highly agile rapid application delivery.

Don Bosman, Channel Sales Director at Mendix.

Don Bosman, Channel Sales Director at Mendix said, “Together, Mendix and CNS are helping enterprises innovate and transform by dramatically reducing the time, effort and risks associated with developing robust web and mobile applications. We are delighted to have this important partnership with CNS as we pioneer the next generation of low-code application development and deployment”.

Hatem Hariri, Managing Director at CNS Middle East.

Hatem Hariri, Managing Director at CNS Middle East said, “At CNS, it is important to us to find solutions that give a seamless and unified customer experience. Our partnership with Mendix will allow us to capitalise on low code to offer advanced applications that rapidly adapt and respond to our customers’ digital transformation journey putting the seamless customer experience in place”.

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