CommVault enhances Simpana

The company also rolled out a “Fast Track” migration capability that can replicate pre-existing policies and backup job schedules from IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and Symantec NetBackup environments, to allow migrating of clients over to Simpana 9 more easily.

Simpana 9 offers deduplication at the client level, meaning any duplicate blocks of data are removed at the application server before it travels over a storage network, reducing network traffic and capacity requirements on both the server and storage array.

With the new software release, servers can be geographically dispersed but as long they have the backup agent on them, all can share the same deduplication capability, regardless of location.

“The new version also supports SAP, Microsoft Exchange 2010, IBM DB2 as well as array support for HP, IBM and LSI. With SnapProtect, users can extract documents and messages from Exchange and SharePoint without requiring the original application, a feature that is useful in eDiscovery and search,” says Steve Bailey, Director of Field Operations, CommVault.

CommVault also revamped it licensing terms, changing its pricing model from a CPU or agent-based system to the amount of capacity being backed up.

Simpana 9 is more tightly integrated with the leading virtualization platform APIs, including Citrix's XenServer, which enables an auto-discovery feature that finds any virtual machines in a network and automatically includes them in a backup scheme.

The new software version also is able to perform snapshots of multiple VMs for faster backups. Backups can be stored in a tiered fashion, as well. For example, snapshots may be stored first on a primary disk array during the day and moved to a near-line array until it's time to archive them to an offsite disaster recovery facility or into a cloud storage provider.

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