Dubai Police opts for Avanza to power non-emergency contact centre

Dubai Police has selected Avanza Solutions’ Unison 2.0 to power and streamline its non-emergency contact centre operations.

Waqas Mirza, Avanza Solutions
Waqas Mirza, Avanza Solutions

Dubai Police receives numerous calls every year, emergency and non-emergency, creating a potential challenges to efficient and effective delivery of a critical service. In order to have a streamlined response strategy, the firm had separated their emergency and non-emergency contact center so that response times for emergencies could be minimised as much as possible.

However, the non-emergency contact centre is also a crucial service, and the police has implemented Unision customer experience management solution to effectively manage the large volume of queries it receives. Queries, calls and interactions arrive through different touchpoints and channels including social media, emails, web chat, and the call center itself – all of which are important for Dubai Police to respond to. Avanza’s Unison solution provides a one-window solution where operators can intercept and respond to queries being made from any of these channels.

In addition to keeping track and responding to requests from multiple channels, Dubai Police is also able to use Unison to launch campaigns aimed at public awareness. Announcements informing people of a new law or legislation, modification in rules, and other procedures are all possible.

As part of the partnership, Unison has been configured to help the Dubai Police’s Al-Ameen initiative achieve their objective of creating a reliable and efficient reporting channel for the people of Dubai. Unison’s Agent Desktop will provide a safe and active communication channel via phone, web chat, and email. While the Complaint Management Module will enable the authorities to collect information, feedback, and complaints from the people. Unison’s Knowledge Base will enable the Dubai Police to readily access and disseminate different documents to facilitate people in terms of queries like information on institutions, buildings, landmarks, and procedures.

Adil Al Ali, Acting Director, Communication Department, Dubai Police, said, “It’s our duty to ensure security, maintain impartial rights and provide services to fulfill people’s satisfaction. With Avanza’s Unison we will be able maintain better communication with the people leading to greater efficiency and reduced response time.”

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