EES achieves Symantec specialisations

Emitac Enterprise Solutions (EES), a provider of technology solutions, today announced that it has achieved not one, but two Symantec Specialization in the areas of Data Protection and Archiving and eDiscovery. These Specializations recognize Emitac Enterprise Solutions proven expertise in Symantec’s NetBackup and Enterprise Vault product sets and ensures they have the skills and experience required to deliver differentiated service to customers. In addition, the company also announced their certification as a Platinum Partner.

Speaking on the achievement Miguel Angel Villalonga, CEO, Emitac Enterprise Solutions said “Our recent Symantec achievement reinforces our commitment to attain and stay ahead with the highest level of partner accreditations; our dedication to increase focus on critical issues like security, data management and systems availability and meet the needs of our customers better, by delivering high-value consulting services and solutions to protect and manage information”.

By achieving these Specializations, Emitac Enterprise Solutions has demonstrated an investment and expertise in Symantec Data Protection, Archiving and eDiscovery.  With these Specializations, Emitac Enterprise Solutions will be able to better meet the needs of its customers by delivering high-value solutions to protect and manage their information. Additionally, the partner should have a clear business plan and technical specialist accreditations to achieve the platinum partnership level.

“Symantec Specializations recognize partners’ investment in Symantec and reward their expertise in Symantec technology,” said Ramzi Itani, Director Channel & Distribution at Symantec.  “Specialized partners have demonstrated a deep investment in Symantec and an expertise in delivering solutions and services that protect customers’ most critical information.”

Symantec Specializations, which recognize partners with a proven expertise in a particular area of business, provide partners with the skills and experience required to deliver differentiated service to their customers.  Symantec partners achieve Specialization by meeting certain requirements that deepen their knowledge and proficiency in a solution family, and Specialized Symantec partners receive exclusive benefits as a result of their investment.

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