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Etisalat Academy to organise blockchain event

Etisalat Academy is set to organise a seminar and workshop on the latest ‘Blockchain’ technology under the theme ‘Blockchain: The Next Disruptive Technology’ from 21-23 March at its premises in Dubai.

Keeping in line with the academy’s overall objective to provide business and telecom training, this educational event will highlight the current industry and government trends in blockchain technology. Experts at the event will also focus on importance of this technology in increasing efficiency within an organisation.

The two day workshop will be followed by a one-day seminar on 23 March, 2017. Both events target participants from both government and business sectors aiming to build knowledge and raise awareness of blockchain’s impact as a future disruptive technology on business and government services.

“Today the region’s largest organisations are seriously considering the blockchain technology to improve their existing services, systems and products, by taking advantage of its key features: security, transparency, full life-cycle transaction history, real-time, immutability and cost-efficiency,” said Dr. Ali Al-Qayedi, Ag. General Manager of Etisalat Academy.

“Etisalat Academy has taken an initiative to conduct this inaugural Blockchain seminar and workshop in a bid to contribute to building capabilities of  decision makers as well as IT managers and professionals in the government, finance and business industries empowering them to make the best of the unlimited opportunities this new technology has to offer, especially in terms of increasing efficiency of government services and business transactions and creating new specialised sectors,” he explained.

The seminar provides senior and mid-level managers a thorough understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and the opportunities it offers for innovation in the delivery of government services, and business and financial transactions.

Meanwhile, the workshop entitled ‘Blockchain Distributed APPs (DAPPs) Developer’ will train participants on developing next-generation blockchain apps. It provides IT professionals with the core knowledge required to develop DAPPs for the government, business and financial technology (FinTech) on blockchain and opens up a world of new career opportunities for them to pursue in several industries.

Organised in association with Human Logic, a UAE-based eLearning and software provider, the event is set to address opportunities and challenges related to enterprise applications of Blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract technology as well as blockchain’s potential to transform and revolutionize the way organisations conduct business.

International experts and consultants in the blockchain technology will facilitate the seminar and the workshop. For more details and registration, visit

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