EverStyle selects Epicor ERP to improve operations

Epicor Software Corporation has announced that EverStyle has selected the Epicor ERP (enterprise resources planning) solution to streamline and automate sales and finance processes.

Hesham El Komy, Epicor
Hesham El Komy, Epicor

Harish Wanchoo, General Manager for EverStyle said, “As a preferred supplier to most four and five star hotels in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, our reputation hinges on having the right stock of the right product at the right time and ensuring that it reaches the customer on or before the date they request it. At EverStyle we offer a wide range of products from leading hospitality and kitchen brands; everything from chinaware and glassware, to table lamps and linens. So while we did have an ERP system in place, it was very basic and as our product portfolio kept growing, inventory management, capacity planning and ensuring on time delivery (OTD) became quite a challenge. In addition to our operational challenges, most of our sales and finance processes were still manual, which was not only a drain on our resources but, more importantly, impacted our customer service negatively.”

“Whilst we evaluated several ERP solutions, the decision to select Epicor ERP was easy,” continued Wanchoo. “Firstly, the solution is designed to meet the needs of our industry out-of-the-box and as such has all the features and functionality that we need to run our business. Secondly, the solution is extremely agile and flexible and can be easily scaled in line with our growth. Finally, by implementing Epicor ERP we will be able to streamline and automate several processes, most notably, our sales quotation process, sales order booking and invoicing, as well as improve visibility, transparency and collaboration between all departments. This will allow us to better manage customer expectations from the day the order is booked to the day it reaches their dock, meaning we can ultimately deliver an overall better customer experience.”

Supported by Index InfoTech, an Epicor partner and a regional leader in providing enterprise-class solutions and services, EverStyle will implement four core ERP modules – supply chain management, financial management, customer relationship management and sales management – at their facilities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar.

“Epicor ERP was designed to address the needs of organisations like EverStyle,” said Hesham El Komy, Senior Director, International Channels, Epicor. “Agility, flexibility and scalability are key success factors for organisations that want to grow in a hyper-competitive environment. I am confident that by implementing Epicor ERP, EverStyle will realise the operational improvements they aim for as well as lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and an increase in customer satisfaction.”

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