Gemalto teams up with Qualcomm Technologies to drive eSIM innovation

Gemalto has announced a new collaboration that will see its mobile connectivity solutions integrated with Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile PC platform.

Sherry Zameer

The partnership is set to pave the way for iSIM commercialisation on a growing range of PCs, laptops and tablets, and will support the integration of Gemalto’s eSIM technology and remote subscription management solutions on the Snapdragon mobile PC platform.

As a result, this innovation will provide “seamless LTE and forthcoming 5G connection, extended battery life, and a foundation for consumer applications” such as online payments, transport ticketing and authentication to cloud services, according to the company.

This initiative represents the first time an eSIM will be integrated with processing platforms designed to power PCs and similar consumer devices.

Gemalto hopes that the new initiative will enable OEMs to optimise their bill of materials and supply chain costs, while also facilitating late eSIM customisation during or after the device manufacturing process.

Mobile operators will also benefit from a larger addressable base of connected devices and a trusted platform for secure services.

The first wave of Always Connected PCs to incorporate Snapdragon mobile PC platforms featuring Gemalto’s technology are expected as early as 2019.

“This new agreement with Qualcomm Technologies aims at accelerating adoption of seamless cellular connectivity in PCs, tablets and other mobile products,” said Sherry Zameer, SVP Internet of Things for CISMEA at Gemalto. “We are committed to continued innovation with Qualcomm Technologies in order to provide superior built-in security and connectivity experiences.”

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