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Microsoft to build duo of UAE data centres

0 66Microsoft has announced plans to build its first Middle East and North Africa data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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Going virtual

Is desktop virtualization gaining traction in this region? If yes, what are the main drivers?

Yes it is. There are a few main drivers around desktop virtualization; CAPEX in the form of investments in the actual desktops and laptops are high but more importantly the cost for managng and supporting these devices is very high. Secondly you also have drivers around security. Having all data centralised in the datacenter where it is backed up regularly decreases the risk for dattaa leakage and also provides a much higher level of Business Continuity for the desktopn users.

What are the security implications of desktop virtualisation?

You'll actually increase your security posture if you virtualise your desktops. As mentioned above the data all resides in one place to it is regulary backed up, if one endpoint breaks or is stolen then only the device is lost and not the data and information – thus reducing data leakage issues and risk.

Finally you have a very tight control of patches and security updates of the Virtual Desktops. If you roll a patch or an AV update out in the datacetner you acna be 100% sure that all users are protected. In a normal environment with normal laptops and desktopns you are dependant on the individual user taking appropriate action to install teh actions and can't garantee 100% patch rates.

How does it compare with application and OS streaming?

These are very different technologies compared to desktop virtualisation. App streaming can be used in conjunction with VD's so you can easily roll out applications for short periods of time as one example, to a VD.

OS streaming is different and here I imagine that you're thinking more of Terminal Services where you use a thin client to access a centtralised shared operating system. The difference here is that it is shared between many users. So if the OS instance goes down or corrupts it will affect all users.

If you have an issue in a Virtual Desktop, it will only affext that individual user as they all have their own unique virtual machines that all contains an OS, and application stack and all the respective user settings and files,

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