Imation unveils Nexsan Assureon next-gen object store

Imation this week unveiled its next-generation object store, the Nexsan Assureon secure automated archive solution, which, the vendor said, cost-effectively consolidates storage tiers, secures data and simplifies storage management.

Imation said that the new solution would be of particular interest to government, healthcare and financial organisations, which often have to manage rapid, unpredictable growth in digital content and data while ensuring compliance with industry and government regulations.

By deploying the Assureon solution, Imation said, organisations can automate storage policies to encrypt, self-authenticate, self-manage and self-configure storage for unstructured files and content.

Imation added that, unlike its competitors’ archiving solutions, the Assureon does not require that applications are customised to use proprietary APIs in order to store their data in the archive. This means that users do not need to learn new processes or change how they access data.

“When we talk to IT leaders, we hear that organisations are challenged to manage exponentially increasing data sets, while complying with strict government and industry data retention and security requirements,” said Mike Stolz, Vice President of Marketing, Nexsan Storage Solutions, Imation.

“The Assureon solution offers mid-sized organisations and enterprises a single, highly advanced automated disk-archiving solution to secure and manage this data. Administrators can deploy the Assureon solution to manage their entire data protection architecture, controlling all critical data protection functionality, while shrinking storage infrastructure and its associated costs.”

The Assureon solution has already garnered praise from industry analysts: Deni Connor, Principal Anlayst, Storage Stategies NOW, said, “Archive automation is crucial for organisations confronted with managing the costs, administration and growth of mandated secure retention of unstructured data.

“The Nexsan Assureon solution is a highly advanced archive storage platform, notable for the way it simplifies and automates data ingestion, and assures data integrity in a single hardware-software offering.”

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