Juniper lays out the pieces of 'New Network' initiative

In what the company is billing as its most significant announcement since its 1997 founding, Juniper Networks unveiled a flurry of products, processors, software and partnerships designed to drive the direction of enterprise and carrier networks into the next decade.

Called “The New Network,” the launch at the New York Stock Exchange, a new Juniper customer, happens to coincide with the Internet's 40th anniversary and is designed to help customers “reinvent the experience and economics” of networking, the company says. The initiative is underscored by a new corporate logo and brand identity intended to reflect the company's “expanded portfolio and go-to-market reach.”

Juniper also unveiled a new “ingredient brand” for its JUNOS software platform, designed to reflect JUNOS as the software “brains” behind high-performance networks.

The new products and partnerships include:

New JUNOS software that allows customers to directly program multiple layers of their networks for faster service turn-up and enhanced performance. The software platform includes the JUNOS network operating system, a new network application suite called JUNOS Space, and a new integrated client called JUNOS Pulse. JUNOS Space includes a route analyzer application from Packet Design, a company Juniper invested in a year ago;

JUNOS-based silicon and systems, including the JUNOS One line of processors and JUNOS Trio chipset with “3D Scaling” technology. 3D Scaling enables networks to dynamically and simultaneously support more subscribers, services and bandwidth, Juniper says. JUNOS Trio will be delivered in new modular line cards and new routers for Juniper MX Series, providing up to 2.6Tbps of bandwidth and lower power requirements than previous generation MX edge routers;

Cloud networking and security products based on the new JUNOS software platform. The products include enhancements to Juniper's SRX Services Gateway, which can now scale to support 10 million concurrent user sessions — 2.5 times more than Juniper's previous generation — and modules, implementation guides and best practices for building a “Cloud Ready Data Center.” The modules are designed to secure traffic flows between servers, virtual machines and mobile clients, and the cloud-ready data center. The modules also support integration of user and application identity into cloud-ready data center policies, and stretching virtual LANs within and across data centers using virtual private LAN service (VPLS);

JUNOS-based partnerships, including expanded go-to-market engagements with Dell and IBM. Juniper also announced its first-ever JUNOS software licensing partnership with BLADE Network Technologies, which will develop future blade switches for data centers based on the JUNOS operating system. Partners who are building applications based on JUNOS software include Active Broadband Networks, Ankeena Networks, Harris Stratex, Packet Design, Q1 Labs, Telchemy, Telecom Italia and Triveni Digital.

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