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Kuwait to begin electronic visa renewal next year: report

Kuwait’s Ministry of the Interior has reportedly announced plans to electronically renew residence visas for expatriates beginning 2019.

According to a report by the Arab Times, the process for the renewal of domestic workers sponsored by the Kuwaitis will begin this September on experimental basis.

The Minister of Interior’s information technology department has completed the preparations for the new system, which consists of a form which can be filled online. It will require applicants to upload their documents electronically attached with a signed waiver for the authenticity of the data and holding legal accountability in case of providing false information. The system shall be linked with all the relevant ministries and related institutions.

The sources said the process will be linked with the Ministry of Social Affairs to check the work permits, the Ministry of Health for medical tests (medically fit) the Criminal Evidences to check the data of an expatriate and his family (in case of dependents) for approval from the State Security and Criminal Evidences departments before a residence is given electronically.

In June this year, the Ministry will also begin the renewing driving licenses “electronically.”

The sources said that the project will save time and effort, as it will contribute to easing the burden on expatriates, especially since most of them are employees and have obligations. The government is keen to urge all ministries to cancel paper work by 2022.


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