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MENAP-SMI marks self-care day and reaffirms commitment to best healthcare practices

MENAP-SMI (Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan Self Medication Industry), continues to nurture a robust culture of self-care across the region by commemorating International Self-Care Day today.

Aligning with this year’s theme – Resilience, adaptability, and thriving in adversity, the organisation underscores the significance of self-care habits on overall health. Additionally, it aims to inspire individuals to pledge towards specific self-care actions that can pave the way to a healthier lifestyle.

“International Self-Care Day marks a crucial moment to amplify the importance of self-care and its far-reaching impact on health”, says Micah Naidoo, Chairperson, MENAP-SMI. “This day serves as an exceptional opportunity to elevate awareness around the pivotal role of self-care in maintaining and improving health. It’s a moment to recognise the profound benefits self-care brings to the lives of individuals and to acknowledge the progress we’ve made so far. Our aim with such an initiative is not just to foster greater wellbeing among individuals, but to ultimately enhance public health on a broader scale”.

In light of the theme for 2023, we strive to bring about change that can empower every individual to achieve the best health outcomes. According to the World Health Organisation, an astonishing 4.3 billion people lack adequate access to necessary health services. There’s a global deficit of 10 million health workers, primarily affecting low-to-middle-income countries. Notably, one in every five people worldwide reside in areas grappling with humanitarian crises. These situations pose unique challenges for health systems trying to deliver essential services.

Self-care practices provide individuals with the flexibility to access healthcare on their terms – anytime and anywhere. For improved healthcare in the region, elements like local community initiatives, digital health innovations, and consistent collaborations with policymakers are key components of a superior healthcare experience. It is important to note that self-care interventions are not substitutes for health systems; instead, they serve to enrich them.

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