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Nexans launches solutions for 25G and 40G Ethernet in the Middle East

Tarek Helmy, Nexans
Tarek Helmy, Nexans

Nexans has announced its new copper-based solutions to support bandwidths of 25Gb/s and 40Gb/s Ethernet. Developing this technology is part of Nexans’ vision of supporting the world’s growing data needs.

According to the company, the LANmark-7A is now upgraded in frequency from 1000MHz to 1250MHz to fully cope with the demands of 25GBase-T. Designed for applications beyond 10G, LANmark-7A supports existing RJ45 based legacy equipment using the backwards-compatibility of GG45 connectivity.

Furthermore, the company highlighted that this technology allows for a seamless migration to 25G over 30m while being fully compatible with 10GBaseT over distances greater than 100m. Category 7A is currently the highest performing standard available and is specified to 1000MHz. Although 25GBase-T will use 1000MHz as upper frequency some headroom is required from the cabling. LANmark-7A has always delivered headroom beyond the minimum and this change formalises that for new installations. Existing installations of LANmark-7A may also be qualified to support 25GBase-T.

LANmark-8, which will also be launched, is based on LANmark-7A, with enhancements including the ability to support frequencies up to 2000MHz, enabling transmission of 40GBase-T over 30m. Both systems are based on Nexans’ GG45 connector, which is a screened RJ45 compatible cable jack specified up to 2000MHz.

Martin Rossbach, Director, Product Marketing, Nexans Cabling Solutions, said, “LANmark-7A is ideal for data centres which currently use 1 Gb/s line speed at server ports. LANmark-7A can be installed in cost effective End or Middle of Row Architectures and offers cabling for two performance steps ahead of today: 10GBase-T and 25GBase-T. With LANmark-8, even one performance step further can be achieved towards 40GBase-T”

Nexans noted that these developments were designed specifically to address the challenges of supporting high frequency Ethernet applications in excess of 10 Gigabits. Combined with LANmark-7A cable and patch cords, GG45 offers support for 25GBase-T. Combined with a LANmark-8 2GHz cable, GG45 offers support for 40GBase-T.

“We are pleased to introduce LANmark-7A and LANmark-8 in the Middle East. Our customers can now scale up to 25G and 40G Ethernet with these new products that are designed for scalable high speed data centre applications. Also, Nexans is the first vendor to bring Cat-8 copper cables to the Middle East market. We are confident our new innovations will help our customers to address the challenges of supporting high frequency Ethernet applications for their future-ready data centres,” said Tarek Helmy, Regional Director Gulf and Middle East, South and East Africa, Nexans Cabling Solutions.

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