Polycom introduces new collaboration software solution

collabPolycom recently introduced a software solution which provides customers of all sizes with cloud-ready collaboration technology.

The RealPresence Clariti, according to the company, is a simple and cloud-ready collaboration infrastructure software that can support a broad selection of collaboration ecosystems and a streamlined licensing model that now includes subscription, as well as perpetual, models.

Polycom also highlighted that customers will have multiple options for deploying the RealPresence Clariti solution, including on-premises, through hybrid or hosted IaaS offerings from partners, or directly in their own cloud networks. The RealPresence Clariti solution includes Polycom RealConnect capability, allowing both Skype for Business users and those who use other platforms to seamlessly connect without altering each native experience.

“As visual collaboration enters the hyper connected phase,” said Ashan Willy, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Worldwide Systems Engineering, Polycom, “employees, have high expectations of being able to connect from anywhere, and from any device at any time. The RealPresence Clariti solution offers simple, easy-to-use, collaboration software that provides cloud economics, cloud deployment options, and cloud hybrid capabilities to Polycom’s powerful infrastructure suite.

The company also RealPresence Clariti is the first collaboration infrastructure software solution to offer hybrid cloud bursting, an IaaS offering, as an optional cloud service, to ensure a seamless connection during spikes in video collaboration usage. Should existing network resources become insufficient to meet collaboration needs, meeting participants would be seamlessly and automatically transitioned into secure Polycom cloud resources with no interruption in the collaboration experience.

Polycom is also announcing the expanded support for developers to extend capabilities with the new Polycom Sandbox.  This virtual lab will provide access to Polycom’s rich set of APIs and SDKs so that partners, ISVs, and customers can build applications and integrate visual collaboration directly into their workflows.  Polycom will offer a full set of support tools, including a community-based resource designed to facilitate the open exchange of information in the pursuit of innovative application development and workflow integration.

The RealAccess service, which delivers powerful insights that shape more successful business outcomes, provide detail on ROI, will give IT administrators valuable analytical information about how employees are using the RealPresence Clariti solution. Polycom is expanding the RealAccess service delivery platform across the entire RealPresence Cloud platform to provide organisations with diagnostic insights and data to help organisations more effectively manage their entire collaboration solution.

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