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Microsoft to build duo of UAE data centres

0 23Microsoft has announced plans to build its first Middle East and North Africa data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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Qtel’s fibre network extends 510 km across Qatar

Qtel’s fibre deployment project is making rapid progress, with more than 200 kilometres laid in the past month.

The speed of the fibre roll-out in Qatar is currently faster than parallel projects in neighbouring countries, as Qatar surges ahead to bring the fastest Internet speed, HD television and crystal clear voice to the home and small business.

The fast rate of deployment means that the commercial launch of the fibre network is closer than ever, with Qtel confident the 18-month migration of customers from the copper network to the fibre network will begin by the middle of 2011.

Once the fibre network is fully launched in Qatar, the Internet experience will be transformed, with faster-than-ever Internet speeds and the capacity to download huge volumes of data such as songs and games in a matter of moments. Qatar will have some of the fastest Internet in the region, and the potential to add new and visionary services such as movies-on-demand and high definition television.

Since the announcement of the project in March 2010, Qtel has made incredible progress, with the initial survey, roll-out, testing and service development stages all completed on time and with very strong results.

As part of the progress of the fibre network project, a number of key business clients of Qtel are beginning to test advanced solutions that deploy fibre technology. These incredible services, supported by the world-class Qtel Data Centre, will help speed the growth of the knowledge-based economy in Qatar.

Qtel is also developing a range of exciting new entertainment offerings based on fibre services, using the Ultra-Broadband speeds to offer a whole new range of on-demand and satellite services. The company is currently conducting research with the younger generation of Qatar residents to fully understand their needs and expectations for Internet in the future.

The fibre network will even enable Qatar to build a new generation of “Smart Homes,” placing information technology at the heart of people’s houses. A huge range of new services – including digital signage services, security and intelligent building provision – will be enabled through Qtel’s fibre initiative.

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