Review: HyperX Cloud gaming headset

HyperX_Cloud_black_on_white_background_HyperX_Cloud_Headset_hr_16_04_2014_17_51Kingston’s latest launch, the HyperX Cloud headsets offers premium comfort to gamers at reasonable price.

The HyperX headsets by Kingston are their newest offer and they do pretty well for a company that is better known to produce memory cards and other computer components. It has partnered with QPad, a headset manufacturer, to introduce this latest product.

When a user looks for a gaming headset, the first aspect that helps in sealing the deal is comfort. Tapping into this, the company has put in efforts to ensure HyperX is comfortable to use. Its leather ear cups are soft and snug and if by any chance it does get damaged, the user can fall back on the additional pair, which is also included in the box. Considering that the headset will be used for long hours of gaming, the headset functions really well. The headband of the device is built of memory foam and does get better with more usage; initially you might want to shape it to your liking.  The leather ear cups provide a passive noise cancellation effect thus creating a better immerse sound experience.

However, the sound quality could be a lot better, considering the competition in the audiophile category of headphones. But that being said, HyperX is geared up to the entry level of the gaming headset market and it performs really well for the price point it is at – $89.

Built on a 53mm driver that is HiFi capable, the Kingston-branded headphones does the job more than aptly. In terms of build quality, the HyperX does not play it cheap – made primarily of aluminum, memory foam and soft touch leather, the headset looks and feels premium while also being comfortable to use.  In the box, users get a microphone, additional two meters of cable and a second pair of ear cups that are made of soft touch Velour.

The sound quality is where the HyperX stands out considering the retail price. Though the headphones perform much better when connected to a motherboard with an in-built sound card, it is not too bad on an iPod either. Across genres, the HyperX delivers decent to good quality sound output. And the device does not disappoint when using it for gaming as well. Higher-end gaming headphones are ‘open’, which means the user can hear the enemy approaching from many angles, while the HyperX sound stage is a bit ‘closed’. The sound quality remains consistent across the range and offers a balanced volume even if it is high-pitched treble or high bass. For FPS (first person shooter) games an important requirement is the microphone and the HyperX features a good-quality one. The design and build quality of the microphone makes it easier to adjust and set as per the users’ preference.

In conclusion, the HyperX Cloud by Kingston is one of the best gaming headsets at the current price point in the market and gamers will not be disappointed.

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