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Dubai RTA licencing services go online

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is reportedly planning to shift several licensing services to smart channels starting from the end of April.Dubai, RTA

According to the RTA, the move is part of a strategy to gradually divert all services in line with our government’s policy to limit the number of clients at service centres and make the Smart City initiative a reality.

Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO, Licensing Agency, RTA, said, “As of the end of this April, customers seeking 8 licensing services will be prompted to use smart channels (RTA Website (, Dubai Drive App, Service Kiosks, and the Call Center (8009090). The services will be gradually phased out at service centres such that they will cease by the end of June.”

The services that are set to go online include: renewal of registration of individually-owned vehicles that need testing, list of registered vehicles, return from tourist trips, registration of the first owner, vehicle(s) ownership certificate, re-insurance certificate, replacement of lost/damaged ownership certificate, and clearance certificate.

“The RTA is planning to divert more services by the end of September this year, namely: payment of fines, renewal of vehicle ownership with a different number plate, and the changing of the number plate,” said Al Ali. “Accordingly, the processing of these services will be channelled through the said electronic and smart platforms.”

The RTA licencing chief also noted that RTA’s policy of migrating licensing services and others to electronic channels is in response to leadership directives to reduce the number of visitors at service centres and enable clients to process their transactions smoothly at their own convenience. “The policy saves customers time & effort, concurs with the Smart City initiative and supports RTA’s first and thrid strategic goals: Smart Dubai, and People Happiness, respectively,” said Al Ali.

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