Seagate launches Backup Plus hard drives in build up to GITEX

Storage specialist, Seagate, today launched its Backup Plus selection of external hard drives in Dubai during a presentation on the future of storage and backup protection.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mark Whitby, held the presentation in which he discussed how the product fits into current market trends.

“In 2020, 61% of all data will be in the cloud, that will be around 7 terrabytes of data,” said Whitby.

“It’s important, with the amount of personal data, such as photos, videos, etc, floating around in virtual servers that it’s backed up and stored somewhere on a physical hard drive.”

The new hard drives work interchangeably with Apple and Windows computers and include features to protect, share and move all of one’s digital material.

“Nearly everything that is dear to us is now on a digital format. Tax documents, emails, information on social media platforms, many of these files cannot be recreated in the event of accidental loss or system failure,” Whitby explained.

Speaking about the upcoming GITEX event, Whitby said that the product would be aimed towards the company’s customer base who wish to not only store data, but also move it, whether that be physically, taking advantage of the light design, or virtually to the cloud or social media sites.

“For this reason it’s a brilliant product for every type of customer, whether it’s an individual or a bank, for example, that wishes to backup its data,” he said.

“These devices have always been important, but for different reasons; security used to be our main focus – backing up your data in case your PC crashes or fails – now, however, it’s about moving data as well, the product has a whole new use with cloud computing and mobility.”

Seagate claims that it has never been a follower in terms of technology, but an innovator, which Whitby said will be evident with its products available at GITEX.

“A lot of our technology was innovated within our company, we have some products which are first-of-their-kind and emerging markets, such as the Middle East, are vital for us in terms of promoting that innovation.”

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