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ServiceNow Enhances Vaccine Administration Management

Dubai, UAE, May 12, 2021: ServiceNow has announced new updates to its Vaccine Administration Management solution and unveiled its new Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management product. The announcement was made at Knowledge 2021, ServiceNow’s flagship digital experience for its customers, partners, and developer community. ServiceNow continues to support the delivery of millions of COVID vaccinations across the globe with workflows that connect organisations’ existing technology infrastructure to help orchestrate the critical elements of the vaccine management process, including distributing, administering, and monitoring vaccinations. The new Healthcare and Life Sciences Management product will improve end-to-end patient experiences.

In the collective effort to vaccinate the global population, there is a clear need for agile technologies that link existing systems, can be configured and adapted to support organisations of all sizes, and accommodate different scheduling and inventory needs. ServiceNow’s Now Platform and Vaccine Administration Management solution provide this flexibility and are being used by organisations around the world.

New capabilities bring more flexible scheduling and inventory management

ServiceNow is introducing key updates to its Vaccine Administration Management solution to continue helping organisations efficiently convert vaccines into vaccinations. With the new capabilities:

  • Clinicians and staff can now schedule walk-up appointments on-site for first and second dose appointments, allowing for in-person registration.
  • Contact centre agents have access to all of the available appointment times instead of having to choose the first available, allowing flexibility and choice to recipients who lack internet access and must schedule an appointment over the phone.
  • People have the flexibility to reschedule appointments to different vaccination centres, based on what is convenient for them.

Powering the healthcare ecosystem of the future with New Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management Product

ServiceNow has introduced Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management, a product designed to improve workflows across the front, middle and back office for healthcare and life science organisations, powering the healthcare ecosystem of the future and improving patient experiences. The new solution leverages the same underlying technology as ServiceNow’s Vaccine Administration Management solution and will assist healthcare organisations as they transition to a new era of healthcare.

“We are experiencing a fundamental shift in healthcare, where patients expect more choice in how their care is managed and delivered”, said Mike Luessi AVP & GM, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry at ServiceNow. “ServiceNow is applying its successful COVID-era innovations to a broader spectrum of healthcare scenarios with a purpose-built healthcare and life sciences solution”.

Built on the Now Platform, the product will connect cross-functional health teams and streamline the initial touchpoints between patients and healthcare and life sciences organisations. The solution simplifies how people engage with providers, payers, pharmaceutical and medical device organisations. New capabilities include:

  • A Healthcare data model: Supports interoperability of patient data and the flow of information, following FHIR standards.
  • Healthcare Agent workspace: Provides a 360-degree view of the patient, empowering clinicians and contact centre agents with the right information at the right time.
  • Pre-built workflows for Healthcare: Removes the friction of processes based on paper and tribal knowledge, and the complexity of navigating healthcare systems, enhancing the care journey for clinicians, patients, members and administrators.

“As the healthcare paradigm shifts from in-person visits to virtual care, providers must create better end-to-end digital experiences for patients through a digital front door, where payers and providers can interact directly with individuals”, said Mutaz Shegewi, Research Director, Worldwide Provider IT Transformation Strategies at IDC Health Insights. “Organisations that provide solutions to help scale the digital front door will drive the future of healthcare”.

The new Healthcare and Life Sciences Management product complements ServiceNow’s existing clinician and staff onboarding and EMR Help capabilities, expanding support of healthcare organisations and patients across the globe.

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