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“Blockchain is creating an increased sense of security and reliability for users” – Emirates Health Services

Veronica Martin spoke to Dr. Mohammed Al Shamsi, Head of Technical Support at Emirates Health Services, to find out how he has transformed Emirates Health Services with his knowledge and expertise, the key skills he has gained by obtaining a PHD in blockchain technology – and his role as Chairman of the Ajman Youth Council.

Can you give our readers an overview on your roles and responsibilities at Emirates Health Services?

At Emirates Health Services, I am Head of Technical Support. I have been with the company for almost 12 years. I started as a junior, worked in different departments, and then became the Head of Technical Support.

I have done a PhD in computer science, specialized and focused in blockchain at the British University in Dubai.

Many of my projects have been successful, including the Head Quarter AV Project, where I achieved  50% savings as a result of my efforts.

You have enjoyed a phenomenal career in the IT profession, especially in terms of the healthcare sector, but can you tell us how you have leveraged your knowledge and expertise to transform Emirates Health Services?

Prior to joining Emirates Health Services, I worked with the Ministry of Health, so my exposure and experience in healthcare are quite extensive.

Besides, my experience allows me to bring a lot of expertise and decision-making skills. These skills are crucial daily, as I am the head of the department and we are responsible for IT operations of the hospitals under Emirates Health Services. In addition to understanding what needs to be done and how to do it, I have a keen sense of timing.

You have recently attained a PHD in blockchain technology, can you tell us more about that process, and what are the key skills you have now gained by obtaining this unique qualification?

I started my PhD in 2019 to focus on research. Having attended many conferences, I was inspired by them to choose sustainability as the topic for my dissertation, and specifically how it impacts blockchain technology in higher education.
I have also published seven papers in various areas of healthcare, business, security, and blockchain. My dissertation has been distributed to seven universities and almost all surveys have positively evaluated my dissertation and the concept.

Blockchain has formed a key part of Dubai’s Paperless Strategy, but some tech and IT analysts remain skeptical of the technology, however, from your perspective what are the key capabilities that Blockchain provides for those that implement and adopt the technology – and how will it help to transform some of the services you provide at Emirates Health Services?

Blockchain replaces people, so they are resistant to this change, but this is the future and we need to accept this technology. We have already implemented blockchain in Emirates Health Services and are encouraging people to use it. Any revolutionary technology comes with resistance all the time. However, blockchain is creating an increased sense of security and reliability for users, which is very beneficial since there’s a lot of vulnerability around data protection. The future of data security is blockchain undeniably.

What do you think are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare sector in the UAE?

We have excellent services and specialists, but often send patients abroad to countries such as the USA or South Korea for treatments. This means we need to open specialized centers in the UAE, so people won’t need to travel to other countries for specialized treatments.

Can you tell our readers more about your role as Chairman of the Ajman Youth Council entails?

We started the council in 2020 and I was chosen as the leader of Ajman Youth Council which has been a wonderful journey. I have been representing the UAE in several conferences worldwide. I am grateful for this experience. I am thrilled to be paving a way and guiding the young fellow Emiratis in achieving excellence together.

Do you use your position as Chairman to encourage the next generation of Emiratis to pursue a career in IT and other STEM-related fields?

Certainly, yes. Like they say any position comes with responsibility. It is an absolute honor that I get to interact with the youth of our country, and I hold myself accountable in carving their career trajectories in IT. I hosted several events to bring the right exposure to our youth and showcase what the future holds for them in IT.

I designed training programs in topics to teach the skills required to excel in our industry. The future of our youth looks promising, and we’re just at the beginning. The foundation to our future is laid in gold. I truly believe the words of wisdom quoted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum “The youth of the Emirates are the fuel of our renaissance. The youth of the Emirates are the guarantee of our future. The youth of the Emirates are the protectors of our home.”


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