Stethoscopes get smart at Dubai health show

smart stethoscope, HD Medical, HD Steth, smartAt Arab Health 2018, HD Medical Inc. will debut and demonstrate HD Steth, a next generation smart stethoscope featuring an integrated EKG for instant and accurate cardiac diagnosis. For the first time it is possible to simultaneously capture and visualise heart sounds and EKG waveforms for detecting structural, electrical, mechanical and ischemic cardiac abnormalities, said the firm.

HD Steth is expected to transform the way medicine is practiced at the point of care with real-time Bluetooth transmission of cardiac waveforms to a smart phone or tablet. Patient data can be transmitted via the cloud to cardiologists or other specialists for diagnosis which can then be utilised to prescribe optimum treatment. Patient data can also be captured and shared with other doctors, insurance companies and electronic medical record (EMR) systems. HD Steth enhances the accuracy of diagnosis, quality of care, saves time and improves outcomes, thereby delivering the Gold Standard in Cardiac Care, said the company.

“HD Steth uniquely performs Mobile Cardiac Monitoring ideal for medical applications including Triage, Screening and Monitoring, Digital and Home Health, among others, both in emerging and developed markets,” said Arvind Thiagarajan, founder and CEO, HD Medical.  “To enable these applications and serve these markets, we are actively building our distribution channels for HD Steth worldwide as we receive tremendous market response.”

HD Steth is currently available outside the U.S., with US FDA certification anticipated by early Q3 2018.

HD Medical is presently recruiting distributors and seeking strategic partnerships globally.

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